Snow Closing
Holyoke Community College will be closed on Wednesday, November 26th due to inclement weather. There will be no day or evening classes. The college will re-open on Monday, December 1st.

Soul of a Citizen: Topics in Community Service Learning [B]

This course offers students an opportunity to study and engage in Community Service Learning structured around a specific topic or theme that may change each time the course is offered. Students will begin by exploring such important questions as, what is Community Service Learning? How does Community Service Learning work as a pedagogy? What defines a Community? How is it created? How is it sustained? What is power? What is democracy? What are effective strategies of engagement in the community? In addition, students will intensively study the specific topics selected (e.g. homeless) and then design and implement a community service learning project based on what they have learned. The semester will culminate with students reflecting upon the evolution of their work and reporting on that evolution in written and/or oral format. Prerequisite: English 101 eligible


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