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Are you interested in taking an Art class? A Sustainable Agriculture class? Something in Accounting? Use this Course Index to search all the courses currently available at HCC.

Course TitleNumberPrerequisitesCredits
Advanced Conversational SpanishSPA 120Prerequisite: SPA 1002
Advanced Digital Fine Art Photography [C]ART 273Prerequisite: ART 1483
Advanced Photography [C]ART 141Prerequisite: ART 140; 35 mm SLR camera is required3
Advanced Procedures & Techniques 1RDL 221Prerequisite: RDL 123 with a C+ or better. Corequisite: RDL 2413
Advanced Procedures and Techniques 2RDL 234Prerequisite: RDL 221 with a grade of C+ or better. Corequisite: RDL 2423
Advanced Spanish Composition [C]SPA 206Prerequisite: SPA 202 or four years of high school Spanish or SPA 203.3
Advanced Spanish Conversation [C]SPA 205Prerequisite: SPA 202 previously or concurrently, or four years of high school Spanish.3
Advanced Topics in Music [C]MUS 250Prerequisites: MUS 107 (Music Theory 2), eligibility for ENG 1013
Advanced VideoEMS 210Prerequisites: EMS 110 or permission of instructor3
Advertising and PromotionMKT 2263

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