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Are you interested in taking an Art class? A Sustainable Agriculture class? Something in Accounting? Use this Course Index to search all the courses currently available at HCC.

Course TitleNumberPrerequisitesCredits
American Sign Language VI [C]ASL 292Prerequisite: C or better in ASL 291 or adequate score on ASL Competency Exam.3
American Writers I [C]ENG 211Prerequisite: ENG 1023
American Writers II [C]ENG 212Prerequisite: ENG 1023
Anatomy and Physiology for Medical AssistantsMEA 109Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 1012
Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals I [E]VET 133Prerequisite: Eligibility for MTH 095 and a grade of C or better in BIO 100 or BIO 107 or a passing grade on the challenge exam. Restricted to Veterinary Technician and Pre-Veterinary and Animal Science students.4
Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals II [E]VET 134Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in VET 1334
Animal Behavior [E]BIO 223Prerequisites: BIO 104 or BIO 108 or BIO 120 or VET 1334
Animal DiseasesVET 153Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in VET 134; or BIO 107 and BIO 2294
Animal Facility Management IVET 261Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in VET 134 and VET 1601
Animal Nursing IVET 247Prerequisites: Restricted to Veterinary Technician students. VET 133, VET 134, VET 140, VET 145, VET 160 with a C or better and MTH 130. Pre/Co-requisite: VET 165Additional Course Fee: $15.00 malpractice Insurance (The fee is subject to change.)4

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