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Course TitleNumberPrerequisitesCredits
Applied Music Non-Major IIMUS 192Prerequisite: MUS 191Students may register for a 30-minute lesson by selecting an .01 section or 50-minute lesson by selecting an .02 section. Additional course fee: A $357.00 music fee is charged for the 30- minute lesson and $612.00 for the 50-minute lesson. (Fees are subject to change)1
Aquatic Ecology & Pollution [E]ENV 253Prerequisites: One semester of environmental science or biology4
Aquatic Exercise LeaderHFN 1373
Archaeology and Prehistory [B]ANT 1303
Assessment, Observation, and DocumentationEDU 218Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of 30 credits of work (sophomore standing) that includes EDU 100, 101, 104, 208, 210 All EDU courses with a grade of C or better and ENG 102.3
Astrobiology: Creation, Evolution & Life [E]SEM 1164
Aural Skills 1MUS 131Prerequisite: MUS 105 previously or concurrently1
Aural Skills 2MUS 132Prerequisite: MUS 131, and MUS 107 previously or concurrently1
Aural Skills 3MUS 233Prerequisite: MUS 132, and MUS 208 previously or concurrently1
Aural Skills 4MUS 234Prerequisite: MUS 233, and MUS 209 previously or concurrently1

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