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FEDERAL WORK STUDY (Community Based)
Community-based Federal Work Study is an excellent way for qualified students to work in paid positions that complement academic and career goals. Students derive a sense of accomplishment by helping to improve the quality of life for local residents in agencies that offer the following services: Health care, child care, literacy training, education (including tutorial services), welfare, social services, public safety, crime prevention and control, disability services, elder care, recreation, animal protection and care, community and economic development, immigration services, veterans outreach, civic engagement and emergency preparedness and response. Students and employers of non-profit agencies, Federal, State and local public agencies, find this type of employment to be mutually rewarding and enriching. Federal Work Study experience builds resumes and strengthens character. Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study may apply for a work placement in the community by contacting the Federal Work Study Coordinator, Dorothy Blair (413) 552-2064 or dblair@hcc.edu.

Students without foreign language experience will be placed into the first elementary course. Those who have studied a foreign language previously will be placed according to the following chart:

High School Study of Foreign Language Course at HCC
0-1 year SPA 101* or GER 101* or FRH 101 or FRH 105
2 years, grades C or D SPA 101* or GER 101* or FRH 101 or FRH 105 or SPA 105 (when offered)
2 years, grades A or B SPA 102 or GER 101* or FRH 101 or FRH 105
3 years, grades C or D SPA 102 or FRH 102
3 years, grades A or B SPA 201 (C) or FRH 201 (C)
4 years, grades C or D SPA 201 (C) or FRH 201 (C)
4 years, grades A or B SPA 202 (C) or 205(C)
4+ years, grades A or B SPA 202 (C) or 205(C) or SPA 214 (C)
Native Spanish Speaker SPA 203 (C) or SPA 204 (C)








*No credit shall be awarded in the 101 courses to a student with more than two years of previous study in that language.

EXCEPTION: If more than three years have passed from the time the student took the foreign language course, it is then recommended that he or she be placed in 101.

Because of the differences in techniques of language instruction among colleges, students should plan to complete all of the language requirements for the bachelor's degree either at HCC or at a transfer institution, rather than attempting to divide them between the two. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Arts and Science, the foreign language requirement is satisfied by any of the following:

  1. Completion of a foreign language course at the intermediate level (i.e. SPA 202).
  2. Satisfactory performance on the placement test.
  3. Four high school units in one foreign language or three units in one and two units in another foreign language.
  4. A year in a high school in which English is not the basic language.

Once in a lifetime, students returning to Holyoke Community College after being away at least three consecutive years, and who had a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of less than 2.0 when they were previously at the College, may elect a "Fresh Start" option. The option works as follows:

  1. Former work will remain on the student's transcript as a matter of record, but will not be used in calculating the student's GPA If a student requesting financial aid is judged to be ineligible due to the Standards of Satisfactory Progress for Federal Financial Aid, he/she may appeal.
  2. Former work meeting the requirements of the College's regular transfer policy (see Transfer Credit) will continue to count in earned hours, but will not be calculated in the GPA The course work may be applied to the student's declared program of study if applicable. A minimum of 15 credits must be completed after electing the Fresh Start Option in order to earn a degree or certificate.
  3. Students earning fewer than 30 credits in the Fresh Start Option cannot be graduated with honors.
  4. Students must select "Fresh Start" not later than 4:30 p.m. on the last scheduled day of classes of the semester in which they return to the College.
  5. Transcripts of "Fresh Start" students will include a statement explaining the "Fresh Start" Option.

Contact the Academic Affairs Office at (413) 552-2770.


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