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As of fall 2009, all students who enroll at Holyoke Community College will follow the MassTransfer general education transfer block. The transfer compact will only be for students who enrolled prior to fall 2009 and it has been determined if re-entering Holyoke Community College student will be eligible for Transfer Compact or need to complete MassTransfer.

The college accepts transfer credit from other regionally accredited institutions of higher learning for courses which may be applied to the student's declared program of study if the courses are similar in content to those offered here. When transfer credit is awarded, the grades earned are not averaged into the student's Holyoke Community College GPA. Credit is granted for courses carrying C or better, regardless of the cumulative GPA at the previous institution.

The college also grants credit for prior learning from other sources, including a limited number of military courses, according to guidelines issued by the American Council on Education (ACE). For foreign transcripts, the College will provide the student with a list of agencies that evaluate foreign credentials for a fee; the credit award is based on the evaluation which the College receives directly from the agency and also on the applicability of the course work to the student's program. 

The college grants credit for its courses when a student demonstrates the knowledge and/or skills, normally gained attending these courses, through the development and presentation of a portfolio deemed acceptable by the college. Students must first consider other means of transferring credit in or gaining it through standardized national or college tests, where they exist. Credit will be awarded only for courses applicable to the graduation requirements of the student's declared field of study. Individuals interested in this process should contact Ken White at (413) 52-2324. 

The limit of transfer credit from all sources, including CLEP, is in accordance with the College's thirty-credit residency requirement. However, students may request a waiver of this requirement. Waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Waivers are requested by submitting a Request for Exception to Graduation Requirement form to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

One of Holyoke Community College's primary missions is to provide the first two years of college-level study for students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a Baccalaureate degree. Many HCC programs are designed for this specific purpose, and most HCC courses are transferable whether or not they are part of such a program.

If the courses to be transferred correlate with Holyoke Community College courses, credit will be granted for a limited number of courses taken in any branch of the military or through non-collegiate-sponsored instruction accredited by the American Council on Education in the lower division Bachelor/Associate Degree category.

Arrangements have been made with a number of four-year institutions for automatic transfer of all of the course work done to earn an Associate degree at HCC (See Transfer Compact). In other cases, students must apply to the college of their choice and arrange for the transfer of specific courses.

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