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Computer Concepts with Applications



PREREQUISITES: Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101

Understand the fundamentals of computer nomenclature, particularly with respect to personal computer hardware and software and the World Wide Web; make use of the Web as a repository of the latest information and an integrated learning tool; develop an in-depth understanding of why computers are essential to the business world and society in general; focus on the computer as a valuable productivity tool, recognizing its position as the backbone of the computer industry and as a stand-alone and networked device; learn strategies for purchasing, installing, and maintaining a personal computer system; and learn to plan a career as a knowledge-worker in the information age. This course will enable students in any major to become computer literate. Students may not receive credit for both CSI 111 and BUS 115 or for both CSI 111 and CSI 101. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101