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Elementary Spanish 1 [C]



An introduction to the Spanish language and culture, this course is designed for students without previous study of the language. The course includes oral practice of dialogues, vocabulary and basic grammar to help students communicate in Spanish at a basic level. Classes will be conducted mainly in Spanish to enable students to acquire listening and speaking skills. Grammatical content includes regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, ser vs. estar, agreement of nouns and adjectives, numbers up to 100, weather expressions, telling time. Communicative goals include introductions and greetings, talking about your classes, your family and everyday activities, describing people and things, making plans and invitations and talking about the weather. NOTE 1: To take SPA 101 for credit, a student shall have successfully completed no more than two high school years of Spanish study. This policy may be waived for students who took their high school language course three or more years before they sign up for SPA 101. NOTE 2:SPA 101 and 102 cannot be taken concurrently.