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Entrepreneurship Certificate

Ellen Majka

Faculty, Business

Business and Technology

Kittredge Center 419

413.552.2350 (Tel)

what will you learn?

This certificate is designed to provide students with an understanding of what is required to starts their own business as well as to help current small business owners better manage their existing companies. 


Upon graduating from this program, students will be prepared for entry-level jobs in a wide range of businesses. They will be able to:

  • Identify entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Generate ideas
  • Conduct market research

what will you do?

Job and career options include:

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Learn more at HCC's Advising, Career & Transfer Center and at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

28-29 total credits

13 credits program requirements + 15-16 credits electives

100% of this program can be completed online

program requirements


This course explores the basic statements of an accounting system: the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Retained Earnings. Students will examine the accounting cycle with an emphasis on the methods of accumulating and summarizing data generated by business transactions. Students will apply their manual accounting skills to an automated accounting system using a learning management system. Areas of concentration will include adjusting entries, closing process, inventory analysis, merchandising transactions, cash control procedures, and receivables. Prerequisite: Eligibility for MTH 085

A study of the interpersonal and communication skills fundamental for success in the workplace. Students will hone their professional style as they study topics including professional behavior, interpersonal interactions, and civility as they relate to the workplace.
This course introduces students to the relationship between business and society. Topics include corporate citizenship, identification and analysis of stakeholder issues, business ethics fundamentals, business influence on government and the public sector, ethical issues in the global arena, workplace issues, and employment discrimination and affirmative action. Upon completion students should be able to apply ethical principles and guidelines to business decision making.
The focus of this course is to develop financially literate students. It will provide a practical introduction to personal finance and money management by focusing on realistic ways to effectively manage and protect personal assets and maximize financial health and stability. Students will learn how to design a personal budget and learn to make appropriate decisions with regard to savings, investments, insurance, credit protection, estate planning and managing personal assets. Students will evaluate the cost of borrowed money, real estate investments, the effective use of credit, tax implications and the effects the economy has on personal financial decisions. Prerequisite: Eligibility for MTH 085
An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth objectives by identifying significant opportunities and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them. This course will provide students with an introduction to what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, including recognizing opportunities in the marketplace and the elements of a professional business plan. Topics covered will include: the marketing strategy; legal considerations; organizational strategies; financial planning and controls; the management team; the concept of social entrepreneurship.
This course will cover all aspects of spreadsheets using an integrated software package which combines a large, advanced electronic worksheet with state-of-the-art graphics and database management capacity, beginning with building a basic worksheet and progressing through the major commands and advanced features of the software package. Keyboarding skills preferred, but not required.



Choose a 3-4 credit course with the ACC prefix.

Choose a 3-credit course from: ACC, BUS, HCA, LAW, MGT, MKT, or SPO.

Choose a 3-credit course from: ACC, BUS, HCA, LAW, MGT, MKT, or SPO.

Choose a 3-credit course from: ACC, BUS, HCA, LAW, MGT, MKT, or SPO.

Choose a 3-credit course from: ACC, BUS, HCA, LAW, MGT, MKT, or SPO.

Choose any 3-credit course in the HCC catalog.