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Foundations in Children's Behavioral Health [B]



PREREQUISITES: Corequisite: HTH 104

The focus of this course is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for individuals to work effectively as therapeutic mentors and family partners under the Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI), which resulted from the Rosie D. v. Patrick class-action suit filed on behalf of children under the age of 21 with serious emotional disturbance who were enrolled in MassHealth. Topics will include children's behavioral health care, working with community health, working with youth and families, the science of child development, and children's behavioral health systems of care. Evidence-based trauma informed practice is a core foundation of this course; students will learn about models of assessment, culturally competent mediation, education to promote healthy behavioral change, and the use of public health concepts and approaches. Additionally, students will gain skills in advocacy and community capacity-building, documentation, and effective communication. Pre/Corequisite: HTH 104