Courses & Programs

Graphic Design Certificate

what will you learn?

Successful completion of the Graphics Certificate will include the creation of a portfolio which is required for transfer to upper level studies leading to a BA or BFA degree and for entry level graphics positions.


The portfolio, along with the experience in completing the courses, prepares the student for beginning a career in graphic design printing and publishing. The portfolio will include samples of work featuring such design basics as:

  • Logo development
  • Layout
  • Advertising design
  • Black & white graphics
  • Color graphics
  • Traditional layout
  • Computer layout
  • Computer imaging
  • Computer illustration

what will you do?

Continue your education or enter the workforce! Explore your options at the HCC Advising, Career & Transfer Center or at What Can I Do With This Major?

24 total credits

24 program requirements

HUM 280 Cooperative Education I is not required, but highly recommended.