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Human Services Certificate

Allison Hrovat

Faculty, Human Services

Social Sciences

Donahue 261

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what will you learn?

The Human Services Certificate is appropriate for those considering a career change into the Human Services field as well as those in the field who may want to upgrade their skills and knowledge. It is also appropriate as part of a career ladder leading toward the Associate Degree in Human Services. The program offers an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills which will enable individuals to work in a variety of areas. There are specialization courses from which students may select, depending on their areas of interest.

what will you do?

Continue your education or enter the workforce!  Opportunities in human services are available in human service agencies, community action programs, daycare centers, educational settings, in work with the elderly, correctional facilities, substance abuse programs, and with those individuals who may have emotional, physical or developmental problems.

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24 total credits

Depending on course selection, 100% of this program can be completed online.

program requirements

This course is the first half of the college composition sequence and focuses on close reading, critical thinking, beginning research skills, and the writing process. Students will read, analyze, and cite a range of nonfiction texts. Students will produce several formal essays totaling approximately 3000 words. Prerequisite: Appropriate scores on English placement tests or C- or higher in ENG 095.
Introduction to the study and principles of behavior. Topics include general principles of scientific investigation; physiological bases of behavior including sensation, perception, learning, emotion, and motivation; development; individual differences; attitudes; and group dynamics. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101.
An orientation to human services. Particular emphasis on motivation for working in human services, personal attitudes and values, consumer empowerment, inclusion, and multicultural issues. Also includes a history of human services, an overview of the American human services systems, and an introduction to local human service agencies. There is a required Community Service Learning component. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 101


An introduction to the field of gerontology and a review of important concepts and principles in fields related to gerontology. Perspectives on social gerontology are included, as well as the inter-relationship between the biological, psychological, and social factors influencing the aging process.
Critically examines the cycle of conflict in western society and provides an overview of traditional and alternative strategies of conflict resolution, including mediation. The complexities of power imbalances and cultural differences are explored within the frameworks of personal and structural conflict. Conflict is viewed as an opportunity for growth and empowerment, rather than merely as a problem to be solved. Students learn conflict resolution and mediation skills that are transferable to work, home and school.

Take your pick from our HSV, PSY or SOC course offerings.

Take your pick from our HSV, PSY or SOC course offerings.

Take your pick from our HSV, PSY or SOC course offerings.

Take your pick from our HSV, PSY or SOC course offerings.

Take your pick from our HSV, PSY or SOC course offerings.

CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and SORI (Sexual Offender Registry Information) background checks may be required prior to field work and will be conducted by specific agencies in accordance with state regulations. CORI and SORI results are confidential.