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Interactive Digital Storytelling [C]



PREREQUISITES: Prerequisite: ENG 101 eligible

Computers and the Internet have created new ways to tell and deliver stories - stories with audio and images, and stories where the reader can participate in the creation of the storyline. Interactive Digital Storytelling explores the world of interactive narrative through combining traditional story-writing concepts with interactive narrative theory and practice. The course will cover the basics of writing narrative while studying the way in which storytelling changes when it becomes interactive. Topics covered include the basics of story construction (theme, plot, character, setting, etc.), interactive theory, and expanding the story experience through the use of image, sound, and reader agency. Coursework will include writing short narrative, learning interactive software, and the production of several types of digital stories as well as a complete interactive digital narrative project. This course will be of interest to students in media, communication, creative writing, multimedia, and any field where stories are told. Prerequisite: ENG 101 eligible