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Introduction to Evolutionary Biology [E]



This course will introduce evolution, one of the fundamental concepts of biology. We will explore questions such as Why is there so much diversity of life?; Why are there similarities among all organisms on Earth?; Why are islands such amazing places of bizarre and unique life?; and Why and how did humans get to be the way we are?. This will include a detailed look at the Theory of Natural Selection as described by Charles Darwin, and how we have expanded our knowledge of evolution to include ideas such as genetic mutation. We will also explore how we as humans are affecting the evolution of life on Earth. Labs will include activities around natural selection, taxonomy/systematics (how things are related) and other aspects of evolution using case studies, simulations, experiments and/or field trips. NOTE: This course is for non-majors who wish to fulfill a laboratory science (E) and who are interested in the central role of evolution in Biology.