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Marketing Certificate

Karen Hines

Faculty, Business

Business and Technology

Kittredge Center 415

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what will you learn?

This certificate option prepares students for careers in marketing management, advertising, and retail management. Students will learn marketing principles; advertising strategies; sales and customer service skills; and retail management objectives.

what will you do?

Pursue your associate degree or go right into the workforce! Jobs and careers include:

  • Sales 
  • Advertising
  • Retail

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27 total credits

27 program requirements

Depending on course selection, 100% of this program can be completed online.

An introductory, hands-on course designed to provide an overview of microcomputer hardware and software currently available and to provide hands-on exposure to internet, e-mail, operating system, word processing spreadsheets, database and graphics applications. Students will not receive credit for CSI 111 and BUS 115. Keyboarding skills preferred, but not required.
Surveys the wide and complex range of operations that constitute the contemporary United States business scene. The latest business theories as well as brief historical backgrounds complete this overview of the way today's business community provides goods and services within the legal, ethical, and economic framework of the United States.
Each of the managerial functions--planning, organizing, directing, and controlling--is discussed from the standpoint of how all four interrelate to become the management process. Managerial skills necessary to accomplish these functions are also described, including human relations, decision making, and communication.
Emphasizes the fundamental principles of oral and written communication within an organizational setting. Techniques for writing various types of communication are studied, including the writing of news releases, policies, procedures, and performance appraisals, includes instruction in oral communication and the use of presentation software. Grammar, syntax, style, economy of expression, organization of thought, and clarity are stressed. Prerequisite: ENG 101
A study of the retail environment from the consumer's perspective including the examination of multichannel challenges and trends. Students will acquire the skills necessary to understand both retail store management and online retailing, with the focus on increasing customer value both online and in-store. This course will concentrate on the planning process needed in order to meet the objectives and satisfy the retail marketing concept. Attention is devoted to retail format, competition among retail institutions, determination of store location, merchandise lines, atmospherics, personnel and levels of customer service provided for the sale of consumer products in the evolving global, high-tech retail to e-tail business environment.
This course will provide an in-depth study and analysis of the advertising and promotional strategies and tactics necessary in the management of all marketing communications. Students will study various types of media, and the current trends in advertising techniques. They will use these techniques to design advertising, sales promotion, publicity plans and social media programs for businesses.
This course examines how organizations and individuals communicate value and obtain desired results through the process of selling and customer relationship management. The roles of sales management in the development of people and of resource utilization within the firm will be explored. Students will learn how listening and connecting with people, understanding their wants and needs and discerning what motivates them provides the keys to their reasons to buy. The course will focus on the traditional selling tenets as its foundation and then adapt the concepts to the rapidly changing world of business in today's environment.
A study of the basic marketing principles, functions and institutions. This course will walk students through the process by which organizations analyze, plan, implement, and control programs to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers. Students will develop an understanding of how effective marketing is critical for the long-term success of any business organization; and how the marketing function ensures that the firm attracts, retains, and grows customers by creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value.
A study of the interpersonal and communication skills fundamental for success in the workplace. Students will hone their professional style as they study topics including professional behavior, interpersonal interactions, and civility as they relate to the workplace.
This course introduces students to the relationship between business and society. Topics include corporate citizenship, identification and analysis of stakeholder issues, business ethics fundamentals, business influence on government and the public sector, ethical issues in the global arena, workplace issues, and employment discrimination and affirmative action. Upon completion students should be able to apply ethical principles and guidelines to business decision making.
The focus of this course is to develop financially literate students. It will provide a practical introduction to personal finance and money management by focusing on realistic ways to effectively manage and protect personal assets and maximize financial health and stability. Students will learn how to design a personal budget and learn to make appropriate decisions with regard to savings, investments, insurance, credit protection, estate planning and managing personal assets. Students will evaluate the cost of borrowed money, real estate investments, the effective use of credit, tax implications and the effects the economy has on personal financial decisions. Prerequisite: Eligibility for MTH 085