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Medical Assistant Certificate

what will you learn?

This certificate program prepares students for employment in health care clinics, hospitals, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies or physician's offices. 


Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Maintain electronic health records for patient data, reimbursement, claims submission and payment.
  • Perform basic phlebotomy techniques.
  • Describe the major organ systems and pathological conditions that affect the human body.
  • Perform electrocardiography procedures.
  • Describe the major drug classifications, regarding indications and mechanisms of action, and potential for drug-drug or drug-food interactions.
  • Obtain patient history, vital signs and prepare the patient for examination.

Upon successful completion of the medical assisting registry exam, as administered by the American Medical Technologists, the student will become a registered medical assistant (RMA).

what will you do?

Continue your education or enter the workforce! This program prepares students for employment in:

  • physicians offices
  • nursing homes
  • hospitals
  • hospices
  • adult day care centers
  • rehabilitation centers
  • assisted living facilities
  • patients homes

Learn more at HCC's Advising, Career & Transfer Center and at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

29 total credits

29 Program Requirements

Depending on course selection, 50% of this certificate may be completed online.

Drug Screening Policy

Several Health Care facilities affiliated with the College's Health Division are now requiring that students have a negative drug screen prior to beginning clinical/ externship experiences in their facility. In addition, a clinical/ externship facility may require the student to submit and pass random drug screening analysis in order to remain at that facility. Therefore, passing a drug screen will now be considered an essential function for all students participating in the Health Division programs. If a student fails drug screening, retesting occurs within 24 hours of notification of results. Failure to pass a drug screen or refusal to submit to screening will make the student ineligible for clinical placement. Failure and/or refusal for drug screening are grounds for immediate removal from the Health Division program. Students will be provided with the drug screen procedure during the orientation process. All screening will be at the student's own expense. The Work Connection at Holyoke Medical Center has been selected as the Division of Health's exclusive laboratory for student drug testing.

Acceptance to the Medical Assistant Certificate Program will be on a selective basis.

  • Students must be eligible for ENG 101.
  • Prospective students must file an application with the Admissions office.

Once accepted to the program, students are required to attend the Medical Assistant Orientation.

  • All academic MEA courses are offered in the evening, online or hybrid.
  • A grade of C or better in all MEA course work is required.
  • Students are required to have updated physical and immunizations.
  • Students must complete a CORI / SORI screening before externship.
  • Clinical Externships are approximately 25 hours per week (160 total) in facilities with primarily daytime hours.
  • Students who have completed BIO 111 or BIO 217 and BIO 218 with a C or better within the last seven years do not need to take HMC 107.

Please note:

*Uniforms will be required for the following courses: MEA 108, MEA 125, MEA 210.

MEA 220 or MEA 225  is the last course to be taken.

Additional Course Fee: $15.00 Malpractice Insurance (The fee is subject to change.)

Course Sequence

  • First semester:  HTH 114, HMC 103, HMC 104, and HMC 107  
  • Second semester:  MEA 108, MEA 125, MEA 150, MEA 210, and MEA 110
  • Third semester:  MEA 220 or 225 as offered
  • HTH 220 may be taken any semester