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Note: No student will be allowed to register for more than 4 credits during the Winter Intersession without authorization from the Office of Academic Affairs . Students wishing to carry more than 4 credits must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Questions? Contact us at (413) 552-2272.

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ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology [B] 3 Credits

Business Administration
BUS 112 Professional Etiquette  1 Credit
BUS 113 Ethics in Business   1 credit
BUS 114 Money Management  1 Credit
BUS 115 Computer Applications 3 Credits

COM 121 Introduction to Communication [C] 3 Credits
COM 131 Mass Communication [C] 3 Credits

Criminal Justice
CRJ 103 Introduction to Corrections 3 Credits

ECN 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics [B] 3 Credits
ECN 102 Introduction to Microeconomics [B] 3 Credits

Environmental Science
Environmental Geology [E] lab on campus 4 Credits

GEO 110 World Regional Geography [B] 3 Credits

General Studies
GSY 112 Professional Etiquette
1 Credit

LAW 211 Business Law 3 Credits

MGT 230 Principles of Management 3 Credits

MKT 240 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits

MTH 142 Statistics [D] 3 Credits
MTH 155 Topics in Mathematics [D] 3 Credits

NTR 101 Introduction to Nutrition 3 Credtis

Social Science
SSN 120 Conflict Resolution and Mediation [B] 3 Credits

SOC 214 Social Problems [B] 3 Credits

masstransfer block designations

[A]: Fulfills English Composition gen ed requirement
[B]: Fulfills Social Sciences gen ed requirement
[C]: Fulfills Humanities/Fine & Performing Arts gen end requirement
[D]: Fulfills Mathematics/Natural & Physical Sciences gen ed requirement
[E]: Fulfills Natural & Physical Sciences gen ed requirement