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Vamos al cine: Spanish and Latin American Culture in Film [C]



PREREQUISITES: Prerequisite: SPA 201 or equivalent.

Designed for high-intermediate or advanced Spanish speakers who want to improve their Spanish language skills and cultural awareness, this course will introduce students to a variety of thought-provoking films by modern Spanish and Latin American directors, whose works create an idelible image of social and cultural issues in the countries portrayed. By listening and practicing authentic contemporary dialogues used in films, students will acquire idiomatic vocabulary and enhance their pronunciation. Supplementary texts and articles will provide background to the historical events addressed in the films, so students can increase their cultural competence. Through the discussion and analysis of these films and supplementary articles, advanced-intermediate students of Spanish will gain improved written and oral Spanish language proficiency as well as a broader view of contemporary issues in Spain and Latin America. Prerequisite: SPA 201 or equivalent.