Educational Technology Tools

The following technologies have been extracted from the various fully online Integrating and Developing Multimedia workshop series. These are here for you to explore without the need to register for a workshop. These are just snippets from the workshops. Remember that the best use of technology in the classroom is when it is used pedagogically.


Create free podcasts with this tool, recording directly into the application or uploading a pre-recorded file. To be ADA compliant, remember to supply your students with a transcript of your audio. (All free podcasts are 5 minutes long.)

Concept Maps

The following tools are used to create digital concept maps, helping your students to visually understand information.

Cmaps is a downloadable application and can be a bit of a challenge with which to work. If you do not wish to download and install a concept mapping application on your computer, then give Mindmeister and try.

Sign up for a free Mindmeister account to create concept maps that can be exported as images for use in text documents and presentations. (Create 3 free concept maps.)


Create instructional video demos or lecture captures that are ADA compliant (captioned) with this application. This is a great tool for creating videos for a flipped classroom.

3D Movie Maker

Xtranormal is a tool for creating online movies. You will need to provide a transcript to be ADA compliant. You can copy and paste the text from Xtranoraml into Microsoft Word. If a student needs a transcript, you can give the student the document created in Microsoft Word.

Talking Avatar

Create an avatar that speaks with your voice. You will need to provide a transcript to be ADA compliant.

Synchronous Communication Tools

Skype is a tool used for free Internet calling, screen sharing, file sharing, and more.

Oovoo does what Skype can do and more, such as video call recording and video messages, for example.


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