Create links to online articles and videos, book chapters, and other library resources

See our PDF document for detailed step by step instructions.

Durable (persistent) links can be posted on a course webpage, Moodle page, or e-mailed to students and provide a direct link a selected article or book chapter.

Directions: Search the database and display an article. Getting the URL of the article depends on the database company:

  • Ebsco Find: "Permalink" on the right side tool bar
  • Gale Click on "Bookmark this document" on the right side tool bar
  • Facts on File: Find: "Record URL:" (bottom of page)
  • Ebrary (online books): use the URL in your browser. For example:
  • Films on Demand (online videos): use the URL in your browser. For example:

If you want to ensure the article is accessible from off-campus, you may have to preface the URL with: 
for example:

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