Help logging into library resources from off-campus

Common errors and solutions:

I don't know my username or password

Your username is the barcode number on the back of your college ID (don't include spaces). It is also your nine-digit student ID number (on the front of your ID).  Either should work.

Your password is initially your last name in capital letters. This is the same password used in the library's catalog and can be changed there.

If this does not work, please stop by the Circulation Desk or call 413.552.2372 to correct this information. 

My username and password are accepted but I can't go any further.

  1. Delete the Cache in your browser
    Your browser might be caching a failed access attempt. If so, you need to delete the offline content stored by your browser, so that it will register your successful login. For example, In Internet Explorer: Go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Click on the Delete Files button. Click OK. Then, refresh/reload your browser (press F5 key or click 'refresh' button, if using Internet Explorer.)
  2. Enable Cookies in your browser
    Another possibility is that you need to enable cookies on your browser. Our server sends "cookies" when you connect to it to verify, during your session, that you are an authorized user.
  3. Enable JavaScript in your browser
    If Javascript has been turned off in your browser, it can affect some databases, so you may need to check and make sure JavaScript has been enabled. For example, to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer browser: go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Option. Click on the Security tab. Click on Internet. Click on the Custom Level button. Scroll down to the Scripting section. Click in the Enable radio button under Active Scripting (if this is not selected, already). Click OK.
  4. Database Access - vendor issues
    Sometimes the connection will not go through because the database you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable due to vendor maintenance, upgrades, or service outages. You can try again later, or you may want to go back to the "Databases and Journals" page and select another database to use for your research at this moment.

My username and password are accepted but the website/database/journal won't recognize me / wants me to log in / says I'm not a subscriber.
First, try going back and checking the link you used to get to this resource. If it was emailed or bookmarked, make sure the link isn't broken (wrapped to a second line, or obviously missing characters at the end). If you can, go back to the "Databases and Journals" page and try accessing your resource again there.

If none of these work, please let us know.  Stop by the Reference Desk or go to Ask the Librarian for ways to contact us.

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