HCC celebrates student clubs

May 1, 2014

Daisy Castro won the Charisma Award at the 2014 HCC Student Club Awards. Hustler Storm, HCC's new dance club, performs during the 2014 HCC Student Club Awards ceremony.

For its contributions to life at HCC, its creativity and leadership, the Wildlife Society Club was honored with the Club of the Year Award this week at the annual Student Club Appreciation and Award Ceremony in the Leslie Phillips Theater.

The club was also recognized for holding one of the best club events of the year, the "Birds of Prey" demonstration, which brought raptor rehabilitator Julie Anne Collier to campus in February.

The Club Advisor of the Year award was presented to Mary Jane "Mimsy" O'Connor, coordinator of Wellness programs, for her work with both the Active Minds club and the Yoga Club.

After an engaging performance by Hustler Storm, a new HCC dance club, nearly 50 awards were presented to clubs and club members in a variety of different categories.

"It's an awesome thing to be involved in the college and be part of something beyond yourself," said Shana Rodriquez, who won the Rising Star Award last year and introduced the winners in that catergory this year.

And the winners are . . .

Heart and Soul Award (for inspiration to their clubs): Rachelle Houle (WCCH Radio Club), Wanda Noemi Gallego-Roche (Spanish Christian Club).

Rising Star Award (to first-year student leaders who have gone above and beyond expectations): Erin Hall (Military Club), Lucien Dalton (Generation Pollywog), Lilly Hopcroft (WCCH), Tiffany DiNoia (Hustler Storm dance club).

Starfish Award (for making a difference in other's lives): Alyssa Lavely (WCCH Radio Club) and Christine Kennedy (Student Senate).

Commitment Award: Shana Rodriguez (Expressions Music Club), Nelly Sanchez (ASL Club).

Charisma Award: Daisy Castro (STRIVE Mentor Club, Criminal Justice Club), Colby Oefinger (Student Senate, Environmental Science Club).

Eternal Optimist Award: Julie Edwards (Active Minds).

Synergy Award: Yanna Ok and Paul Giang (Asian American Club).

Leadership Awards: Adrean Mejias (Queer  Straight Alliance), Chelsea Jeronimo (Drama Club), Tiara Wright (Unity Club), Joe Orlowski (Expressions Music Club), Maritza Santiago (STRIVE Mentor Club), Alexsandria Watts (Social Justice Club and Expressions Music Club), Kristie Harris (Wildlife Society Club), Heather Haning (WCCH Radio Club), Tony Stirlacci (Wildlife Society Club), Matt Crandall (Japanese Anime Club).

Senate Service Awards: Jeremy McGarry, Jeffery Anderson, Colby Oefinger, Nelly Sanchez, Benjamin Meck, Angelina Peters, Jennifer Gonzalez, Sydney Vaughan, Christine Kennedy, Bryan Torres, Brianah Edwards, Lucien Dalton.

Club Awareness Program of the Year: Active Minds Club (for mental health panel), Unity Club (for work with Wigs for Kids), Students on the Autism Spectrum Club (for student panel discussion program).

Club Event of the Year: Drag Show (Queer Straight Alliance), Performance Hour (Expressions Music Club), "Birds of Prey" (Wildlife Society Club).

Club Fundraising of the Year: "Verses Jars" (Expressions Music Club), Affordable Lunch (STRIVE Mentor Club).

Phoenix Award (for dormant now reactivated club): Photography Club

Club of the Year Nominees: WCCH Radio Club, Wildlife Society Club, Asian American Club, Active Minds, Expressions Music Club.

New clubs: Military Club, Hustler Storm Dance Club, International Students Club, Photography Club, Art Club, Generation Pollywog.

Photos: (Left) Daisy Castro, a member of the STRIVE Mentor Club and Criminal Justice Club, holds her Charisma Award. (Right) Hustler Storm, HCC's new dance club, performs on the stage of the Leslie Phillips Theater before the awards ceremony.


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