Expo showcases student clubs

February 8, 2012

The college radio station table at the Club ExpoHealth Career Club students try to recruit a new member.

In past semesters, the HCC Criminal Justice Association has visited the Boston Police Department, played cops versus robbers during a paintball outing, and gone SCUBA diving. The student club also routinely gets involved in community fundraisers, such as Toys for Tots, and holds bake sales.

"In March, we're going to the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield to shoot some paper," said student and club member Kurt Bordas.

The Criminal Justice Association was just one of some 30 HCC student clubs and association that set up displays in the PeoplesBank conference room in the Kittredge Center on Wednesday (Feb. 8) for the first HCC Club Expo. For the event, clubs were asked to highlight what they did last semester; it also gave them an opportunity to recruit new members.

About halfway through the Student Activity period, Bordas said the Criminal Justice Association had signed up an additional seven members.

In past semesters, it was called a Club Fair and was a much more subdued event. The PeoplesBank room was packed with students throughout Student Activity period. "That's why we called it a Club Expo and moved it into a more formal location, rather than just be stuck in the hallway," said Liz Golen, Student Activities coordinator. "This is great. I love the energy in here. There's all kinds of raffles and giveaways going on."

Lots of other stuff too. Students could enter an instant poetry contest at the Writing Club table or sign up at the Drama Club table to audition for a production of "The Infernal Machine" by Jean Cocteau.

The LISA Club, Queer Straight Alliance and the Asian American Student Association all won club lunch parties for the best table presentations.

There was also a table of sign-up sheet for clubs that don't yet exist but where students have expressed an interest, such as the Culinary Arts Club, the Music Club and the Equine Club. "We always have a table for clubs that haven't quite gotten off the ground yet," said Golen.

New clubs need at least 10 members before they can gain recognition.

For those who missed the Club Expo, it's never too late to sign up. Just stop into the Student Activities office on the first floor of Donahue, right across from the POD. And check out the write-ups on Student Clubs on the HCC web site.

Photos: (Left) Students from the college radio station, WCCH, and (right) HOSA (Health Occupations for Students of America) present their exhibits at the HCC Club Expo.


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