Latino culture celebrated at Expo

October 4, 2012

Students and staff sample Colombian hot dogs at HCC's Expo Latino celebration. Manuel Silva displays his Caribbean crafts at the Expo Latino.

LISA Club president Eilianie Alvelo spent six hours Tuesday cooking for this week's Expo Latino. For the second annual celebration of Latino culture at HCC she made a Dominican dessert called "Habichuela con dulce" -- sweet bean -- a kind of thick-shake made from kidney beans, milk, coconut, sugar, salt, raisins and cinnamon.  

"It was my first time and it came out good," she said. "I'm so excited."

Lots of other people were excited too, not only about Alvelo's Habichuela con dulce but about all the Latino food, music and art on display at HCC's second annual Expo Latino, sponsored by the LISA Club and Student Activities. The band Kultura Borikua performed in the courtyard while students and staff lined up for samples of free food, which included three kinds of empanadas (beef, chicken and pizza) and Colombian hot dogs. 

HCC Club coordinator Veronique Leroy made four different kinds of sauces for the hot dogs: Pineapple, white (mayo, cream, lemon), pink (ketchup, mayo, lemon and salt) and green (cilantro, mayo, heavy cream, garlic, salt). Leroy encouraged people to try all the sauces at once. The Colombian hot dogs were an unusual take on the traditional American version when supplemented by Leroy's sauces, shredded cheese and potato chips.

The hot dogs were such a hit, said Student Activities coordinator Liz Golen, that Aramark, HCC's food service vendor, may start offering a Colombian hot dog bar in the cafeteria. "They were so good," she said.

Photos: (Left) Students and staff sample Colombian hot dogs at the second annual Expo Latino. (Right) Manuel Silva displays his Caribbean crafts.(Thumbnail) Kultura Borikua performs at the Expo.


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