'Real World' star offers advice

October 5, 2012

Syrus Yarbrough speaks at HCC.Syrus Yarbrough visits Student Activities office at HCC.

Syrus Yarbrough made a name for himself as a cast member on MTV's Real World Boston. Since then, he has levereaged his fame to create charities and scholarships and encouraging young people to stay positive and take advantage of every opportunity that comes by them.

This week, Yarbough brought his message to HCC Wednesday, giving a talk to students and staff in the Picknelly Dining Room, talking about the upcoming presidential election, telling his own story and offering advice to students about dealing with the pressures of college life.

Yarbrough has been touring with MTV's "Rock the Vote" campaign for the past two presidential elections In his talk, he emphasized that young people, particularly students, should make themselves aware of the issues and the positions of the candidates. While remaining neutral, Yarbrough talked about the major differences between President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, and how their election could affect students' lives over the next four years.

He spent most of the time sharing his inspirational story from homelessness to personal entrepreneurship, which ultimately led to his chance on MTV's "Real World," which he has used to his full benefit. He talked about the importance of finding work that you love so you are passionate about what you do and feel confident in your contibution to society.

Several students approached Yarbrough after his talk to thank him for his message and infectious energy and positivity.

"With stress at an all time high for many students, his message about creating a support system and remaining positive through anything was welcome and encouraging," said Student Activities coordinator Liza Golen.

Photos: (Left) Syrus Yarbrough talks to students in the Picknelly Dining Room.(Right) Syrus Yarbrough, center, visits HCC's Student Activities office Wednesday before his talk.


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