Cut-a-thon benefits Wigs for Kids

May 2, 2013

HCC student Kayla Langevin donates a ponytail to Wigs for Kids.People get their hair cut at the Cut-a-thon sponsored by the HCC Unity Club during Spring Fling.

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HOLYOKE, Mass. -- Saying goodbye to 12 inches of hair is never easy --- just ask Jena Cochran.

The Holyoke Community College Admissions councilor has donated her hair twice before. With today's donation, she's brought her grand total up to 36 inches.

"It's a wonderful cause," says Cochran. "I think of the children and other people who can use this for wigs and it makes such a big difference in other people's lives."

The Unity Club at Holyoke Community College spent several hours collecting monetary and hair donations Wednesday at their annual Cut-A-Thon. Everything they collect goes to Wigs for Kids - a national non-profit that creates wigs for children who have lost hair due to a medical condition.

The custom-made pieces are attached to the child's head so they can run, play, and even swim with them on. But they're not cheap - each wig cost about $1,500 to make.

"They won't fall off because of the synthetic molding that holds onto their heads, so it basically gives them confidence to look as they did before they lost their hair through illness," says Dorothy Blair of the Unity Club at HCC.

"This is a wonderful cause, and cancer, alopecia effects all of us," adds Elizabeth Hernandez of the Unity Club at HCC.

With that in mind, it seems inches 23 through 36 are now nothing but a distant memory for Cochran.

"It does grow back, I always remind myself that it does grow back and it's refreshing having the haircut and starting with something new," says Cochran

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Photos by Chris Yurko: (Left) HCC student Kayla Langevin, 22, from Indian Orchard, holds up the ponytail she donated to the Wigs for Kids charity during the Unity Club's annual Cut-a-thon. (Right) The HCC Unity Club holds a Cut-a-thon every year during Spring Fling to benefit Wigs for Kids.


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