HCC Celebrates Employees Years of Service

March 8, 2012

Retirees at HCC's Years of Service reception March 2, 2012Awardees at HCC's Years of Service reception March 2, 2012

HCC celebrated the contributions of faculty and staff at the annual Years of Service reception, held Friday, March 2, in the Picknelly Dining Room. It was an opportunity to reflect, share memories and enjoy the company of colleagues. Honored were those marking 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 45 years with the college.

Among those recognized was Bob Stoddard, who celebrated 40 years at the college. A member of the Class of 1972, Stoddard began his HCC career in the library. He continued working at the college while he pursued his education at Westfield State, where he earned a bachelor's in 1980 and a master's in 1981. In 1984, he got a call from HCC's Continuing Education division. "They needed someone to teach a class," he recalled. "I had planned to stay at the library, but then I began teaching English..."  In 1986, Stoddard began teaching a children's literature class that became—and remains—extremely popular. "I've taught it every semester since then. We teach it online now, too."

A few weeks ago, Stoddard ran into a student who was in his first English class. "He remembered me!" he said, sounding pleased. "I can't believe how the years have gone. This has been a wonderful experience. I'm just very grateful." 

Those honored at the 2012 Years of Service reception include:

5 Years 10 Years 15 Years
Aliza Ansell
Raisa Amirova        
Camille Close        
Yan Dong        
Elia Dreyfuss        
Stephanie Easler        
Ralph Gould        
Jeffrey Hayden        
Nicole Hendricks        
Patrick Houghton        
Michelle Leary        
Arvard Lingham        
Mary Orisch        
Brian Redfern        
Wilfredo Rios        
Marcia Rosbury-Henne        
Denise Salgado        
Alejandro Sanchez        
Jossie Valentin 
Cheri Baranowski       
Olesya Cherkashin       
Amy Dopp       
Victor Katz       
Gladys Montero       
Angel Morales       
John O'Neill       
Sharon Paquette       
Myriam Quinones       
Karl Reale       
Janet Rivera       
Mary Shea  
Penelope Herideen       
Margeret Lavelle       
Tony Sbalbi 
20 Years 25 Years 30 Years
Kenneth Douthwright       
MaryJane O'Connor       
Tara Wolman
Robert Aller       
Erica Bergquist       
Marylin Estrada       
Luis Flores       
Jamie Laurin       
Elaine Madra       
Mary Shelasky       
Patricia Sullivan
Charles Aurnhammer       
David Brochu       
Mark Normantowicz 
40 Years 45 Years Retirees
Robert Stoddard John Sullivan Theresa Howard    Retired   
Wayne Nelson       Retired   
Claire Wheeler      Retired   
Gerry Bates          Retiring   
Sharon Biskup      Retiring   
Keith Hensley       Retiring   
Sue Mackler         Retiring   
Wanda Muller       Retiring   
Marvin Weaver     Retiring

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