As a HCC student, you have ongoing access to online professional tutoring services.

To login to our free Online Tutoring Service, please type in your User Name and Password: Your User Name and Password are derived from your first initial, last name and last 3 digits of your Student ID number, all in lower case. They are CaSE SenSiTIve. Note: No spaces, hyphens, apostrophes or other punctuation. Example: John Smith's (Student ID#: 000123456) is: User Name: jsmith456

If you have been a student at HCC within the past year, your password will be your DOB in the following format - mmddyy - unless you changed it. If you are a new student this semester, this is the password convention: An uppercase "H" + lowercase "cc" + the last six digits of your HCC ID number. 
Ex: John Smith 000123456 = Hcc123456

After you login, you will be asked to update your profile. Please type in an email address and your college ID number (drop one of the zeros). The format of your email looks like this: and your DOB will have this format: 020786. Which represents the month, day, and the last two digits of the year.

If you are having problems with your login, please contact Andrew Fletcher, Learning Resource Coordinator at

After, you login, if you have technical difficulties, please visit this website for technical support

Watch the video below to learn more about our eTutoring services.

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