Online Conduct

Holyoke Community College is committed to providing an appropriate academic and collegial atmosphere. Freedom of speech and expression is valued not only throughout society but also, and particularly, in our community college.

Online Conduct

The college recognizes and protects the rights of all students, faculty, and staff members. To that end the college abide to an appropriate Online Academic Conduct; this means maintaining a safe learning environment based on mutual respect and civility. All members of HCC Online are expected to behave professionally by adhering to these standards of conduct in the online environment:

  • never transmit or promote illegal content
  • respect other's privacy as well as your own
  • forgive other people's mistakes
  • never use harassing, threatening, embarrassing, or otherwise abusive language or actions

Online interactions that fail to meet these standards of conduct will be removed from the course. Repeated misconduct may result in being blocked, receiving a grade penalty, or being dismissed from the course. Online misconduct will be reported to the Dean of Students and the Dean of Online Programs for appropriate action in accordance with the Student Handbook.

If you ever feel that our online classroom is inappropriate or uncomfortable, please first contact your instructor with your concerns. If you have general questions, contact Online Programs at 413.552.2272 or

Academic Integrity

The college is committed to academic integrity, the honest, authentic and independent pursuit of knowledge. As members of the academic community, online students are expected to be responsible for all of their own academic work without dishonesty or deception. HCC Online adheres to the Academic Integrity Policy established by the Student Handbook.

For more information visit: College Student Expectations

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