Kelly Scott holds one of the prints she made in the HCC "Bat Cave."

Kelly Scott


Palmer, MA


Liberal Arts

Favorite class:

Printmaking, because in The Batcave (as the printmaking room is called by those who've taken the class) you feel right at home with fellow artists who you can chat with and share ideas. It's almost impossible not to make friends in that room!

Meaningful encounters at HCC:

My first time ever being featured in the student art show back in 2011 was a lot of fun. Seeing all the students' talent on paper, ceramic, and ink really lit up a spark inside me to push myself with my own art.  

What is your favorite thing about HCC?

The Taber Art Gallery, because it showcases every student's creative side. I like looking at all the student artwork. I like the third floor of C building when it's all filled up, so you can draw inspiration. And also the photography section in the Media Arts Center. That's always fascinating to look at too. 

Where are you going from here?

After I finish my Liberal Arts degree, I'll hopefully be attending HCC again for its Culinary Arts program.


Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040