Melissa Tartt, at HCC Veteran's Day ceremonies

Melissa Tartt, '15


East Longmeadow


A.S. Veterinary and Animal Science, Veterinary Technician Option

Favorite class/teacher:

Biology 100, Intro to Cell Function. My instructor is Stephanie Easler, and I absolutely love her. She makes it really fun to learn and makes it very easy to grasp the concepts.

Most meaningful encounter at HCC:

My most meaningful encounter to date would be the Veterans Day ceremony. Liz Golen, from Student Activities, asked me to head up the program that day, and it was really awesome to see the response we got from it. Getting to stand at that podium in uniform and look out at all the vets we have on campus and realizing that it was much bigger than just me -- it was phenomenal. Anything I can do on campus to give back to vets is important to me.

Why does education matter to you?

I'm one of those strange people who always has her nose in a book. I'm constantly learning about things that just grab my interest. You can't get anywhere in life without an education and a college education is so much more important these days because jobs are getting harder to obtain, and you can't do it without a degree.

What is your favorite thing about HCC?

You've got so many opportunities to get involved on campus, whether it be a club or the veterans lounge or student senate. It gives more meaning to the whole college experience if you're getting involved with it. I could have just said, I'm going to class and then I'm going home. I wanted to be involved. It's like taking a black and white drawing and adding color to it.


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