Olga Moreno profile

Olga Moreno, '14

Resides in: 

Chicopee, Mass.; originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Early Childhood Education


Preschool paraprofessional, Margaret C. Ells Elementary School, Springfield

Favorite course/teacher:

The course I have enjoyed the most was a practicum I did at the Boland Elementary School in Springfield, because I was able to be in a classroom with children four days a week. 

Most meaningful encounter at HCC:

In one of my education classes we did a Service Learning project at the Morgan School in Holyoke. We prepared educational games and worked with the children.

Why does education matter to you?

I like to see children growing and developing. Teachers can make a huge difference in children's lives. I've been around good teachers and they have inspired me to become one of them. 

What is your favorite thing about HCC?

The professors. They have always been accessible and willing to meet with me and help me, in particular Rubaba Matin from ESL, and Mary Lynch, April Graziano and Tricia Kiefer, from education.

Advice for fellow students?

When I came to the United States in 2003 I knew only two English words, hi and bye and sometimes I would say them at the wrong time. I started at HCC in 2006 and now it's 2014. I've been here almost eight years and now I will be getting my associate degree. I would say to others, don't give up. Hard work pays off. I think everything is possible. I like to say there are no such words as "I can't." But there are such words as "I didn't try yet." 


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