Rosa D.C. Garcia-Rivera profile

Rosa D.C. Garcia-Rivera

Resides in: 

Springfield, Mass.


Computer Information Security and Assurance


Data clerk, Springfield Public Schools; Work-study student, Office of Online Learning

How many online classes have you taken and why?

About a dozen so far and two right now: Network Systems Analysis (online), Network Defenses (online), Forensic Science (on campus) and Pre-Calc (on campus). My advisor Casey Storozuk recommended online classes. He said, if you're going to be working in computers, you need to get acclimated to it because this is the way of the world in this type of field.

What's been your favorite online course?

Sociology, with Lucy Hurston. Not to take anything away from my core classes in CIS, which tend to be more analystical and lecture oriented. Socoiology was very versatile, very fresh, very new, a little bit more free. I got to engage a little bit more with my peers. 

How do you decide whether to take a course online or on campus?

Math has been mostly face to face. It's one of my weakest subjects so I like to see the visuals of everything and know that the professor is right there. But the majority of my classes have been online.

What's the biggest different between online classes and campus classes?

I find them just as engaging. You still get to interact with your classmates. Online is still a very supportive environment.

What's the biggest challenge of online classes?

For most people it's time management. Although there is no set block of time to be in an online class, you still have to follow the syllabus and the assignment schedule, so you have to be on top of it, as you normally would in a classroom.

Where to do you do your classwork?

I do it in the kitchen. I'm in my pajamas sometimes. I'm a natural insomniac, so sometimes I'm working at one or two o'clock in the morning.

What's the biggest advantage of online classes? 

The flexibility. I work full time and I have a 13-year-old daughter at home. Online classes allow me to commit quality time to her and juggle my job and education.You can do it at your convenience.

What's your most memorable online experience? 

I've had a good rapport with all my professors. They've always given me positive feedback on my assignments and very constructive criticism.

What's your plan after HCC?

I will be transfering to either UMass or Westfield State for my bachelor's degree in Applied Technology. I want to continue working in education as a computer teacher.


Holyoke Community College
303 Homestead Ave. Holyoke, MA 01040