Holyoke Community College is the premier Massachusetts community college, providing the best start at the best value for students from an increasingly diverse community with rapidly evolving needs. Our enthusiastic, highly-qualified faculty engage students in innovative and creative learning. Students thrive in our vibrant, accessible, and welcoming campus community because we provide them with a comprehensive academic and personal support system. We challenge ourselves to identify and provide relevant and responsive solutions for the needs of organizations and individuals in the Valley and beyond. Our students are exceptionally prepared for success in today's changing world.

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Colby Oefinger

"People here are pretty accepting, no matter what you look like, no matter what your sexual orientation is. You're not going to get bullied, you're not going to get made fun of because people are just here for school, to be educated and create relationships."

Melissa Tartt

Melissa is a military veteran who is studying veterinary and animal science at HCC.

Emmanuel Sanchez

Emmanuel is studying business administration at HCC and plans to transfer to a four-year school and start his own business some day.

Mark Riffenburg

Mark is majoring in American Studies and was recently appointed to serve as deputy treasurer for the City of Holyoke.

Jeffrey Anderson-Burgos

Jeffery turned a research paper on cell phone recycling into a fundraising project for the Sociology-Anthropology Club.


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