First Floor - The Center for Health Education

The first floor is equipped with sophisticated patient simulators ranging from maternity and newborn to pediatric and geriatric, the HCC SIMuCENTER will support nursing education throughout the continuum of patient care and be the core component of the new Center for Health Education. 

HCC Center for Health Education

(A) Atrium: Reserved. This two-story windowed entrance will serve as the gateway to the Center for Health Education.                                                                                                    

(B) Small Study: Reserved. This informal study area is the perfect location for small, in-depth discussions.                                                                                      

(C) Study: Reserved. This large study lounge provides a place for students to enjoy refreshments and share the lessons learned during training with the simulation units.                                                                                       

(D1-2) Large expandable Classroom: Reserved. These classrooms, which can be opened to create a space that, will accommodate 72-100 people.  Separately, they will hold 36 students at tables.  These classrooms can also be used for community group meetings and programs as well as training sessions for area residents and health care workers.                                               

(E1-2) Classroom: $25,000 each - These 24 person classrooms will also be used for community group meetings and programs and as training sessions for area residents and health care workers.

(F) Study: Reserved. This small group study room will allow students to work on projects in a private setting next to the classrooms and the Radiology area.

(G1-2) Nursing Success Offices: $3,000 each - 1 Reserved. These offices are staffed with dedicated faculty who work with students who are at risk to leave the Nursing program  or could use some extra help to improve their grades or scores on the state and national boards.

(H) Radiology: Reserved. This is where students will learn, first-hand how to use the x-ray equipment, how to position a patient in a real-world setting.

(I) Radiology Imaging: $15,000 - Students and faculty will use this room to see how well the X-ray procedures were performed.                                                                                       

(J1-4) Hi-Fi Simulation Rooms: $10,000 each - Each of these simulation rooms contains one patient simulator which allows students to listen to anterior and posterior lung sounds in eight sites:  including normal, none, wheezing, inspiratory squeaks, and crackles.  Bilateral carotid, radial, brachial, femoral, posterior tibial and pedal pulses operate continuously and vary in strength with the simulator's blood pressure.

(K1-3) Simulation Control Rooms: 1 Reserved, Two available. The patient simulators are programmed and the symptoms and patient's "voice" are generated from these three rooms.           

(L1-2) Nurses Simulation Office: $3,000 each - These rooms serve to replicate where the nursing students would be stationed in a health care settings.

(M1-2) Simulation Debriefing Rooms:  $2,500 each. Reserved. Faculty, staff and students will use these rooms to breakdown each simulation to recognize areas where the student performed well and identify areas that need improvement.

(N1-2)2-Bed Simulation Room: Reserved. $10,000 each

O) 6-Bed Skills Lab: Reserved. This lab allows the students to practice basic skills and abilities so that they can build up to the full simulation experience. (P) 4-Bed Skills Lab: $10,000 - This lab allows the students to practice basic skills and abilities so that they can build up to the full simulation experience.

(Q) Lo-fi Medicaton Room: Reserved. This room represents the medication dispensary in a typical health care setting.

(R) Simulation  Preparation Room: Reserved. This area is designed to give the instructor a private area in which to customize the simulated patient in so that the students responding to the patient will not have any advanced notice regarding the patient.

(S) Atrium Study Area: Reserved. This larger student area will allow students to participate in 6-8 person group discussions and projects in a more casual setting than in a conference room or classroom.

(T) First Floor Elevator: Reserved

In addition there are 18 Examination Beds: $2,000 each. - 3 Reserved. Each patient bed will be recognized by its benefactor.  


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