Second Floor

The Second floor of the Center for Health Education will house faculty offices. Students will have direct access to our highly skilled faculty members for support and guidance.

HCC Center for Health Education

(A) Dean Admin. Office: Reserved. The administrative assistant supports the Dean

(B) Dean's Office: $10,000 - The Dean of the Division of Health and Natural Sciences will be located in the new center with all of the faculty and staff.

(C 1-14) Nursing Offices: $3,000 each - 2 Reserved. All the Nursing Faculty Offices will be on one floor to maximize collaboration and communication.

(D) Grants Office: $3,000 - This office will assist in the implementation and review of all grants to the Division of Health and Natural Sciences.

(E) Work Room: - Reserved

(F1-2) Radiology Technology Office: $3,000 each - These two offices will accommodate the Radiology Faculty.

(G) Adjunct Faculty Office: $3,000 - This office will be utilized by individuals who have a great many years of professional experience and share that knowledge with students on a part-time basis.

(H) Foundation of Health Office: $2,500 - This office will serve the Foundation of Health Students that are taking courses in the nursing and rad tech fields.

(I) 15-Person Conference Room: Reserved. This room will allow for a space to hold faculty meetings, review curriculum and will have the necessary audio/visual equipment needed to accomplish any meeting need.  It will also be available to the community and outside groups during non-instructional hours.

(J) 10-Person Conference Room: - Reserved. This smaller conference room will be able to accommodate outside groups and small information sessions like the 15 person conference room.

(K) Faculty Lounge: - Reserved. This space will allow for faculty members to share experiences in an informal and casual space.

(L) Second Floor Elevator: Reserved

(M) Reception Area:  - Reserved. Visitors will be welcomed to the Center for Health Education in this area.  It will serve as gateway to the Dean and the faculty.

(N) Work Study/Greeter: - Reserved


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