Nursing Scholarships

Claire Gingras Doherty Award in Nursing

This scholarship is made possible by Edward and Priscilla '76 Ryan in memory of Claire Gingras Doherty.

Rosemarie Cataldo Fitzpatrick '56 Scholarship in Nursing

Rosemarie Cataldo Fitzpatrick '56 had a deeply rooted connection to HCC.  She graduated in 1956, and her classmates voted her as the graduate with the most school spirit. In the wake of her untimely death, her family endowed this scholarship as a lasting memorial to Rosemarie's legacy.

Frances H. Gosselin Scholarship in Nursing

This fund was endowed by Joseph and James, sons of Frances H. Gosselin, upon her passing. They were so deeply moved by the compassionate care their mother received, that they chose to fund a scholarship for a student in HCC's practical nursing program.

Linda Howes Scholarship

This scholarship has been established by David Howes and daughters Amanda and Catherine, in memory Linda Howes, RN, MSN (USN), a maternity nursing instructor at Holyoke Community College and a nurse in the Family Life Center at Mercy Medical Center. This scholarship gives preference to students studying nursing at HCC.

Doris M. Kemble Nursing Scholarship

Doris Kemble was a beloved member of the HCC nursing faculty. In recognition of her deep commitment to her students, her mother, Abbie, endowed five scholarships in her memory. 

Martha E. Keochareon '93 Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Martha Keochareon '93 and is made possible by her family and friends for a student currently enrolled in the nursing, foundations of health or practical nursing program. Preference is given to residents of Massachusetts, nontraditional students, and students who have volunteered with a hospice organization.

Alfred C. Loomer '83 Scholarship

Alfred C. Loomer '83 endowed this scholarship in memory of his father for a deserving student in any health-related program. 

Edward F. and Catherine C. Moriarty Scholarship

This scholarship was made possible by Colette and the late Edward Moriarty in memory of Edward's parents. The recipient must be accepted or enrolled in the nursing or business program with preference given to a Holyoke resident.

Providence Hospital Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship

The medical staff of Providence Hospital endowed this scholarship for a new or continuing nursing student.

Elizabeth Ella Provost Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by the late Dr. Richard L. Provost '49 for a continuing nontraditional student who is enrolled in any nursing program. Preference is given to an individual who may have served in the Medical Corps as Corpsman.

Leona R. Richards Taylor & Dorothy Provost Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by the late Dr. Richard L. Provost '49 for a student interested in the field of health sciences who hopes to become a nurse practitioner or physician's assistant.

Rozalia and Gladys Szczur Nursing Scholarship

Very pleased with the nursing care given to his family members at the Willimansett Nursing Home, Michael Szczur established this scholarship for a new or continuing student, with preference given to someone who is a resident of Chicopee.

Peg '58 and Gary Wendlandt Health Scholarship

This is the second scholarship that longtime college supporters Peg'58 and Gary Wendlandt have endowed.  This scholarship is intended for a student enrolled in nursing, practical nursing or Foundations of Health program.


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