Transfer Scholarships

Joyce Agnoli Scholarship for Transfer Students

This award was established by the college in honor of Joyce Agnoli who helped found the Women in Business program at HCC. That program evolved into Women in Transition (WIT) and later, New Directions. This award is for a student who enrolled at HCC through the New Directions program and will be transferring to a four-year institution beginning in the fall.

Gary Brochu '62 Transfer Scholarship

The HCC Alumni Association awards the Gary Brochu '62 Scholarship to a current HCC student who is transferring to a four-year institution.

Phillip S. Campbell Scholarship

Named after a longtime dean at HCC, this scholarship is awarded to a student with outstanding academic achievement who plans to transfer to a four-year institution.

James F. Connors Scholarship

This scholarship was made possible through a bequest of Kate C. Payne. It gives preference to female students accepted for transfer to a baccalaureate degree-granting institution upon completion of their associate degree and to those planning to attend Mount Holyoke College, particularly in the Frances Perkins Program.

George E. Frost Scholarship

Named after HCC's first president, this scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement and will be awarded to a studen who is transferring to a four-year institution.

Richard Kumor Transfer Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students transferring to a four-year institution who have shown service to the college either as a member of the Student Senate, an active club, or organization. 

Vincent and Patricia McElroy Memorial Award

This award was established by Sheila McElroy Donohue '81. Preference is given to single mothers raising young children who are transferring to Mount Holyoke College with financial need.

Ruth McIntyre Transfer Scholarship

Dr. Ruth McIntyre, an accomplished scholar and nationally recognized historian, joined the faculty of HCC in 1962 as a professor of history. Through a bequest, Dr. McIntyre endowed a scholarship for a member of the current graduating class at HCC, majoring in history or the social sciences.

Anthony J. Pellegrino Scholarship

Tony Pellegrino was an integral part of Holyoke Community College for more than 38 years. He held many positions within the institution and was always an advocate for students continuing their education through the college's evening programs. Preference is given to student taking evening classes.

Dr. Miriam Taylor Sajkovic Transfer Scholarship

This scholarship, created in memory of Dr. Miriam Taylor Sajkovic, a longtime Professor of Philosophy and History at HCC, gives preference to a student who is majoring in philosophy at a four-year institution. 

Victor E. Thomas Scholarship Fund

Made possible by Victor E. Thomas, a longtime faculty member and registrar at HCC, this scholarship was designed for students majoring in mathematics, engineering, or science, and accepted at a four-year institution.

Bobby Wright Scholarship

This award was established by friends of Bobby Wright, an outstanding local Jazz performer, to support a music student who will be attending a four-year institution.


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