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President's Message

In response to the attack on our U.S. Capitol

January 7, 2021

Dear HCC Community,

Like many of you, I watched in horror yesterday as our federal government was attacked. It was a frightening scene and one I never imagined we would see in the United States. I believed that the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power was a reliable feature of our democracy. The images of armed domestic terrorists storming the Capitol, threatening our elected officials as Senators and Representatives attempted to certify the election results, were both chilling and shameful. 

It is also impossible to avoid comparison with how this group of rioters and insurrectionists was treated in comparison with those who peacefully protested following the murder of George Floyd as well as other Black Lives Matter protesters. It is a potent reminder of how much work we have to do to dismantle racism in our nation.

People of conscience must not stay silent when the very fabric of our society is being unraveled. When something is wrong, we need to say so. What happened yesterday was wrong; it is inconsistent with our national values, and it is a threat to our freedom. 

In an academic year that has brought us so much fear, loss, and grief, our hearts are broken particularly with the polarization and divisiveness being felt in our nation. 

As a college, we strengthen the nation by strengthening our institution, doing our work, individually and collectively, to create an environment that demonstrates how a community of people with diverse perspectives can work collaboratively toward shared goals and support shared values.

I hope you all are safe. I hope that our country will see a transfer of power to a new President and Vice President without further violence. I hope that you can find peace. And I am grateful to each one of you, who do so much to support one another through difficult challenges, and who live HCC's values every day.


Christina Royal
Holyoke Community College
Pronouns: she/her