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Multicultural Academic Services

Coming to HCC from a local high school? Transitioning from an ESL class? Starting college as an international student? MAS is for you.

Multicultural Academic Services (MAS) provides support for local high school students, international students, and ESL students from the moment they apply to HCC. We offer free academic, career, and transfer advice. MAS staff equips new and transitioning students with the necessary tools to start college and be successful. We cater to students who might be challenged by issues of language, cultural identity, and isolation. Through a one-on-one approach, students are encouraged to develop skills that promote self-authorship, self-advocacy, and leadership.

As a proud HSI (Hispanic-Serving Institution), we at MAS are bilingual: Spanish-English.

who we serve

The Puente Experience, under the MAS program, works with high school seniors from the moment they apply to HCC. We provide one-on-one guidance to prospective students and their parents throughout the spring and summer prior to their first semester of college. We then continue to support students throughout their first year of college. The "First Steps to College" seminar offers step-by-step information to students and parents regarding the process of enrolling at HCC (placement testing, financial aid, required documentation, registering for classes, and buying books). Puente also offers peer mentoring, free summer classes, and instructional summer workshops.

The MAS program supports students who have completed the ESL level five class and are transitioning to other courses related to their career. We offer one-on-one support in choosing courses and planning careers. We also offer workshops about financial aid, DegreeWorks, and Online Services. Our bilingual, bicultural staff offer advice driven by their own personal experiences.

The MAS program is the support system for students on F1 visas once they are admitted to HCC. Besides academic advice, we offer wrap-around support around housing, places to visit and shop, transportation, and accommodations.

The MAS Program has taught me self-confidence in my academic path. I started my first semester equipped with the necessary tools to succeed.”

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- Zhane Catala

MAS resources and programming are available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. MAS is located in Frost Building, rooms 260-262. 

The MAS student lounge is a cozy space where students can study, rest, or read. A small library, computer, and printer are available to students.

Transportation to the HCC campus is available via PVTA buses. Parking is available in student lots.


No application is necessary. Simply contact us to access support.


Myriam Quiñones, Coordinator
Phone: 413.552.2539

Denise Salgado, Academic Counselor
Phone: 413.552.2044
Fax: 413.552.2192

Do you want MAS?

Hear from MAS participants about how this program has changed their lives as HCC students.

  • In fall 2017, the MAS program enrolled 134 students into the program, of which 61 identified as male and 70 as female.
  • Of the 134 students new to MAS, 109 identified as minority, 102 as Hispanic/Latinx, and 19 as white.
  • Of the 134 new-to-MAS students, 105 identified as First-time Degree Seeking students.
  • In FY 2017 a total of 961 students graduated from HCC. Of those, 43 were MAS students.

mas on facebook

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