Courses & Programs

Joint Admission

Holyoke Community College has established Joint Admissions programs with the following local private schools:

Enrollment into these programs is based upon designated programs at Holyoke Community College. Students interested in these program must sign up for this program as early as possible.

Under these programs students are conditionally accepted into these schools provided that you have earned an associate degree or accumulated 60 credit hours at Holyoke Community College with a minimum cumulative grade point average (American International College 2.0 GPA; Bay Path College 2.0 GPA; Elms College 2.5 GPA; Springfield College 2.5 GPA; and Western New England College 2.3 GPA). Each school has established merit-based financial aid packaging based upon the student cumulative grade point average. For further information please contact the Transfer Counselor (Frost 273).

Private School Joint Admissions Intent to Enroll Form