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Nursing Program Options

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HCC offers four options for admission to the Associate of Science (ASN) in Nursing and Practical Nursing (PN) programs. 

  1. Traditional: Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program: The two-year Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) program prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN exam and become a registered nurse (RN).
  2. Traditional: Practical Nurse (PN) certificate program: The 40-week Practical Nurse (PN) certificate program prepares students to take the NCLEX-PN exam and become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).
  3. Advanced Placement LPN2RN Program: Applications are available online for an LPN who has earned the credential from another nursing program or has graduated from the HCC PN program in two or more applications cycles, and wants to apply for advanced placement consideration for entry into the HCC ASN program. Please refer to the Advanced Placement LPN2RN Policy. The LPN that wants to be considered for the traditional ASN program must also apply for the ASN option. Please review the Advanced Placement LPN2RN policy.
  4. Education Mobility 1 + 1 Program: HCC PN graduates are eligible to apply for consideration for educational mobility to the third semester of the ASN Program. Applicants must have graduated from the HCC PN program, acquire a LPN license meeting Good Moral Character compliance, and be employed as an LPN for approximately six months prior to the start date of the third semester of the ASN program. This option is available for two consecutive application cycles from the PN certificate of completion date. A student who is seeking Educational Mobility in the 1+1 ASN program must meet the admission policy as published and current at the time the student is applying.
Readmission into the Nursing Program

Students who have successfully completed the Fundamentals of Nursing course are eligible for readmission to the ASN or PN programs. This policy applies to any student who wishes to return into the nursing program after unsuccessful completion from a nursing course, withdrawal from a nursing course, or departure from the nursing program. All applicants for readmissions must meet the admission policy and requirements as published and current for the term to which the student is applying. Please review the HCC nursing program's readmission policy.

Applicants may apply for admission into one or more options but will only be considered for the options they have applied for. Please be sure to identify which program options you are applying for:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Program
  • Practical Nurse (PN) Certificate Program
  • Education Mobility 1+1 ASN Program
  • Advanced Placement LPN2RN Program
  • Readmission into the ASN program
  • Readmission into the PN program

Please note: Acceptance to the ASN and PN programs is competitive, and space is limited in both programs. All applicants must attend one of our online information sessions. The deadline for application each year is January 15.

admission policy & requirements

All new, readmit, and transfer students must comply with the HCC application process. More information about the process and requirements can be found on the New, Readmit & Transfer page.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the Admissions Office:
FR 221

Nursing Program Admission Policy & Requirements

Please review the Nursing Program Admission Policy & Requirements, the Essential Functional Abilities Requirements, the MA-BORN Good Moral Character Clause, and the Drug Screening Policy.

General Education & Program Requirements

ASN General Education & Program Requirements
ASN Required Sequence of Courses (see page 1)
PN General Education & Program Requirements
PN Required Sequence of Courses (see page 2)


Please refer to the Nursing Program Admission Policy & Requirements for full details of requirements. All forms and steps listed must be completed for each of the options to which you are applying.

Supplemental Forms for All ASN & PN Applicants

CNA Petition Requirement Form
1+1 and LPN2RN Transition Programs Employer Verification Form
Nursing Programs Laboratory Science Petition Form
Nursing Programs Work Experience Form

Required Immunization & Health Information

Applicants to the nursing programs at Holyoke Community College will need to provide documentation regarding the completion of their immunization, required trainings, and related compliance records. HCC uses a vendor called American DataBank to help students track, access, and maintain their compliance records. This system is known as Complio, and automatically notifies students when immunization or compliance records are expiring so that students can update their records as needed. All communication about required documentation will come through Complio, and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required documents are uploaded and complete by the application deadline.

Health & Immunization Requirement & Acknowledgement Form
Health Program Health Affiliate Form

your nursing career

Your nursing career is a journey. The HCC nursing program is here to support you as you work toward your healthcare career goals. It is important to consider where you are now and where you hope to go. If you are interested in earning additional degrees, we have several exciting Bachelors of Science options to share with you.

Currently, HCC has a great articulation agreement with Elms College, and we have more opportunities in the works. These options are available to students interested in continuing their studies by pursuing additional degrees. HCC is proud to offer a variety of partnerships to support you along this journey.

Elms College
Fitchburg State University
Westfield State University
University of Massachusetts Amherst