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Online Learning

HCC's online degrees and certificates make it easier for busy people to earn a degree. Check out our new summer and fall classes!

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HCC's online degrees and certificates make it easier than ever for busy people to earn a degree. Plus, our partnerships with four-year colleges and universities make transfering simple! In addition to our 100% online programs, many of our degrees and certificates can be completed 80% or 50% online.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional educational experience for our students. When you take HCC courses online you may be at a distance, but you are never alone. We use technology and a caring support system to bring our campus to you.

how it works

To take an online class, you'll need access to a computer and an internet connection. Our course management system is Moodle.

Online classes are asynchronous, which means students aren't required to be in a class or online at a specific time. However, you are required to meet deadlines for submitting coursework or taking tests. Your professor doesn't tell you when to study or do your work – they only tell you when it's due.

are you a good candidate for online courses?

Successful students are organized, self-directed, and able to work well independently. Though you may be working online, you are never alone. There is always someone who can help if you get stuck! In addition to your professor and classmates, online tutors are available to assist with academics, advisors are available to offer transfer and career guidance, and our HelpDesk and MERC students can help resolve any technical issues.

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ACC 111 Principles of Accounting I 4 Credits
ACC 112 Principles of Accounting II 4 Credits
ACC 115 Computerized Accounting
3 Credits
ACC 205 Managerial Accounting 3 Credits

ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology [B] 3 Credits
ANT 114 Understanding Diversity & Valuing Similarities [B] 3 Credits

ART 110 Visual Fundamentals [C] 3 Credits

American Sign Language
ASL 101 American Sign Language I  3 Credits

AST 110 Introduction to Astronomy [E] 3 Credits

BIO 102 Biology in Your World [E] 4 Credits

Business Administration
BUS 101 Introduction to Business   3 Credits
BUS 112 Professional Etiquette  1 Credit
BUS 113 Ethics in Business   1 credit
BUS 114 Money Management  1 Credit
BUS 115 Computer Applications 3 Credits
BUS 215 Spreasheets  3 Credits

COM 121 Introduction to Communication [C] 3 Credits
COM 131 Mass Communication [C] 3 Credits
COM 214 A Critical Analysis of Social Media: More Than Just Friends [C] 3 Credits

Criminal Justice
CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
3 Credits
CRJ 103 Introduction to Corrections 3 Credits
CRJ 105 Intropduction to Security 3 Credits
CRJ 112 Criminal Law and Procedure 3 Credits
CRJ 117 Criminology [B] 3 Credits
CRJ 208 Juvenile Justive [B] 3 Credits
CRJ 209 Police and Society 3 Credits
CRJ 210 Human Relations: Diversity and Ethical Issues [B] 3 Credits

Computer Information Systems
CSI 111 Computer Concepts w/Applications 4 Credits
CSI 252 Introduction to Web Site Developement 3 Credits

Developmental Disabilities
DVD 210 Current Issues in Developmental Disabilities 3 Credits

Earth Science
ESC 110 Introduction to Geology and Oceanography [D] 4 Credits
ESC 111 Introduction to Meteorology [D] 4 Credits

ECN 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics [B] 3 Credits
ECN 102 Introduction to Microeconomics [B] 3 Credits

EDU 104 Child Development & Behavior 3 Credits
EDU 208 - Introduction to Teaching Students with Exceptional Learning Needs 3 Credits
EDU 220 Childcare Administration I  3 Credits

ENG 101 College Composition I: Expository Writing and Research [A] 3 Credits
ENG 102 College Composition II: Writing about Literature [A] 3 Credits
ENG 217 Creative Writing [C] 3 Credits
ENG 224 Children's Literature [C] 3 Credits

Forensic Science
FRS 100 Introduction to Forensic Science  [D] 4 Credits

GEO 110 World Regional Geography [B] 3 Credits

General Studies
GSY 112 Professional Etiquette
1 Credit

GRT 110 Introduction to the Study of Aging [B] 3 Credits

Hospitality Management
HCA 232 Food and Beverage Operations 3 Credits

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
HFN 172 Introducion to Exercise Science 2 Credits
HFN 183 Personal Trainer and Fitness Counseling 3 Credits

Health Information Management
HIM 108 Healthcare Documentation
1 Credit
HIM 288 Medical billing & Coding Practicum 3 Credtis

HTH 101 Introduction to Health Careers 3 Credits
HTH 102 Introduction to Public Health 3 Credits
HTH 114 Medical Terminology 3 Credits
HTH 130 Pharmacology for Health Careers 2 Credits
HTH 220 Medical Law & Ethics 
3 Credits

Healthcare Management Careers
HMC 103 INtroduction to Healthcare Management 2 Credits

HIS 105 History of World War ll [C] 3 Credits
HIS 111 History of the U.S. I [C] 3 Credits
HIS 112 History of the U.S. II [C] 3 Credits

Human Services
HSV 113 Introduction to Human Services 3 Credits
HSV 120 Introduction to Adiction Studies [B] 3 Credits
HSV 205 Family Violence [B] 3 Credits
HSV 208 - Substance Abuse [B] 3 Credits

LAW 211 Business Law 3 Credits
LAW 218 Employment Law 3 Credits

MGT 230 Principles of Management 3 Credits
MGT 231 Human Resource Management 3 Credits

MKT 240 Principles of Marketing 3 Credits

MTH 075 Basic Mathematics 4 Credits
MTH 085 Introductory Algebra 4 Credits
MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra 4 Credits
MTH 104 College Algebra [D] 4 Credits
MTH 142 Statistics [D] 3 Credits
MTH 155 Topics in Mathematics [D] 3 Credits
MTH 162 Applied Calculus [D] 3 Credits


MUS 106 Introduction to World Music [C] 3 Credits
MUC 110 Introduction to Classical Music [C] 3 Credits

NTR 101 Introduction to Nutrition 3 Credtis

Pharmacy Science and Technology
PHM 171 Pharmacology I 1 Credit
PHM 271 Pharmacology III 1 Credit

PHI 103 Clear Thinking Sound Reasoning [C] 3 Credits

Political Science
POL 110 U.S. National Government [B] 3 Credits

PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology [B] 3 Credits
PSY 210 Social Psychology [B] 3 Credits
PSY 215 Child Psychology [B] 3 Credits
PSY 216 Human Development [B] 3 Credits
PSY 217 Abnormal Psychology [B] 3 Credits
PSY 218 Adolescent Psychology [B] 3 Credits
PSY 226 Health Psychology [B] 3 Credits

Social Science
SSN 120 Conflict Resolution and Mediation [B] 3 Credits

SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology [B] 3 Credits
SOC 208 Substance Abuse [B] 3 Credits
SOC 214 Social Problems [B] 3 Credits
SOC 220 Race and Ethnicity [B] 3 Credits
SOC 235 Sociology of the Family [B] 3 Credits

SPA 101 Elementary Spanish l [C] 3 Credits
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish 2 [C] 3 Credits

THE 100 Introduction to Theater [C] 3 Credits

Veterinary Technology
VET 261 Animal Facility Management I 1 Credit

masstransfer block designations

A: Fulfills English Composition gen ed requirement
B: Fulfills Social Sciences gen ed requirement
C: Fulfills Humanities/Fine & Performing Arts gen end requirement
D: Fulfills Mathematics/Natural & Physical Sciences gen ed requirement
E: Fulfills Natural & Physical Sciences gen ed requirement

Online students are not required to come to campus. In order to streamline administrative processes, you may use the following forms:

Karin Moyano Camihort

Dean of Online Programs

OnlinePrograms AcadInitiatives

Marieb 223

413.552.2236 (Tel)