Reflective Essay

typing a paperThe purpose of this essay is to give you an opportunity to explain how you developed your research strategy (process) and how you used the collection (sources) of the library to complete your project. The essay will be carefully considered by the judges when evaluating your project.

Please limit your essay to 250 words. Use the following questions to help guide your thoughts:

  • How did you create a search strategy for your topic?  What specific library search tools were the most effective?  Did you alter your search strategy at any point?
  • Of all the possible sources that you could use, how did you determine which sources to actually use? Did you experience difficulty finding information that you thought might be easily available? How did you overcome this obstacle?
  • What did you learn about the research process while preparing this project? Would you change the research process if you could start again?

Please submit your printed double spaced essay as part of your application package no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, February 18, 2022 to the Holyoke Community College Library Circulation Desk.


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