"Pushing the Bear" Book Discussion & Lunch

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The next best thing to reading a good book is talking about it! And it is even better with lunch! If you agree, please join us. We are honoring Indigenous Peoples Month with our new selection: Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears, by Diane Glancy.

About the Book

Poet, dramatist, short-story writer and essayist Glancy (winner of an American Book Award for Claiming Breath) turns her talents to the novel, recreating in this bone-true tale the sorrow, struggle and betrayal suffered by the Cherokee along the Trail of Tears. In the winter of 1838-39, 13,000 Cherokee were forced to walk the Trail of Tears from North Carolina toward the "new territory" of present-day Oklahoma. Following the Native American belief that many voices are needed to tell a story, Glancy employs a multitude of narrators. There are the voices of Cherokee of all ages and clans, of white soldiers and preachers, and snatches from actual historical records. The central narrator, Maritole, emerges to tell her personal story of "pushing the bear," a dark heavy burden of anger, impending madness, physical distress and, above all, doubt in herself and her heritage as she perseveres in the grueling walk. Maritole's shaky relationship with her husband, and the deaths of her baby and parents, push her into a relationship with a white soldier, Sergeant Williams. Ultimately, however, he can't fathom the Cherokees' mystic, symbiotic relationships with the land and with each other. At times, the novel proceeds as slowly as the march itself, but it rewards the reader with a visceral, honest presentation of the Cherokee conception of story as the indestructible chain linking people, earth and ancestry?a link that becomes, if not unmitigated salvation, then certainly a salve to the spirit. (Publishers Weekly )

foods wrapsWhen: Friday, December 1, 2017
DON 303
12-1:15 pm
Lunch TBA
Cost: Free!
Moderated by: Jonathan Hill, Social Sciences

Please RSVP to ensure we order enough food: jadams@hcc.edu

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