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All-Time Coaches List

Sport Position Name Years
Baseball Head Coach Fran Healy 1968-69
Head Coach Bill Scanlon 1969-70
Head Coach Bill Sullivan 1970-76
Head Coach Terry Murphy 1977-82
Head Coach Gene Griffin 1983-85
Head Coach Don LaValley 1986-88
Head Coach Thomas Hartbarger 1989-90
Head Coach Patrick Cosedine 1991-2001
Head Coach Dan O'Neill 2002-03
Head Coach Michael Kennedy 2003-04
Head Coach JC Fernandes 2004-08
Head Coach Terry Murphy 2009-13
Head Coach Nick Vautrin 2014
Head Coach John Crowley 2015-present
Assistant Gene Griffin 1982
Assistant Thomas Hartbarger 1986-88
Assistant Glenn Cooke 1987-88
Assistant Patrick Cosedine 1988-90
Assistant James Abel 1990-92
Assistant Michael Kennedy 1991-93, 2003
Assistant Michael Doyle 1992-94
Assistant Scott Taupier 1995-97
Assistant Bob Peloquin 1997-99
Assistant Jim Tisdell 1999-2002
Assistant Jim Woods 2000
Assistant Bill Saltmarsh 2001-03
Assistant Ed Hart 2002-03
Assistant Tim Klett 2003-04
Assistant Isaac Caraballo 2005-06
Assistant Chuck Vilakis 2005-06
Assistant Bill Methot 2010
Assistant Mark Monroe 2010
Assistant Chris Herbert 2010
Assistant Nick Vautrin 2013
Assistant Chris Wetherby 2013-14
Assistant Zachary Crowley 2015-present
Assistant Brian Hayes 2015-present
Men's Basketball Head Coach George Frost 1946-48
Head Coach Tom Moore 1948-52
Head Coach Norm Hiersche 1953-56
Head Coach Gene Dean 1957-60
Head Coach Mike Begley 1961-67
Head Coach Bill Scanlon 1967-70
Head Coach Rick Golas 1970-91
Head Coach Don Moye 1991-92
Head Coach Kevin McCaskill 1992-2005
Head Coach Chris Montemayor 2005-present
Assistant Dan Moye 1991-92
Assistant Bryan Foster 1992-94
Assistant James Smiley 1996
Assistant Miguel Rodriquez 1998
Assistant Jason Fenlson 1998-99
Assistant William Shepard 1998-2001
Assistant Alan Bethea 2000-04
Assistant Khalif Sharif 2000-04
Assistant Andrew Keaton 2001
Assistant John Williams 2002-04
Assistant Nicole Sealander 2002-04
Assistant Andrew Miller 2005-10
Assistant Derek Murphy 2005-07
Assistant Tim McGee 2005-07
Assistant Steve Al-Husseini 2012-13
Assistant Edgardo Cortijo 2007-present
Cross Country Head Coach Peter Weiss 1972-75
Head Coach William Sullivan 1976-77
Head Coach Nicole Kulikov-Hagobian 2006-07
Head Coach Bill Kane 2008
Head Coach Michael Brouillette 2009-15
Golf Head Coach Joe Moriarty 1971-73
Head Coach Bob Duncan 1975-78
Head Coach Rich Frasco 1978-86
Head Coach Bill Sullivan 1988-2003
Head Coach Brian Shelasky 2003-08
Head Coach Al Wolejko 2009-12
Head Coach Chris Stoddard 2013-present
Assistant Rick Vitello 1991-93
Hockey Head Coach Jim Roache 1971-73
Head Coach Ken O'Brien 1972-74
Head Coach Rich Frasco 1974-78
Assistant Mike Delisio 1977-79
Lacrosse Head Coach Robert Young 1991-93
Men's Soccer Head Coach Gerry Wilkie 1976-69
Head Coach Rick Golas 1970-83
Head Coach John Coburn 1984-86
Head Coach Bob Duarte 1984-92
Head Coach Mike Carney 1993-07
Head Coach Dan Lawrence 2008
Head Coach Abel Durojaiye 2009-present
Assistant / Associate Head Coach Ed Meyer 1997-99 / 2000
Asstistant / Associate Head Coach Rob Galazka 1998-2001 / 2002-03
Assistant David Lima 1985-86
Assistant Stuart Ritter 1986
Assistant Paul Ribeiro 1988
Assistant Charles Queiroga 1989-91
Assistant Brian Kearny 1994-98
Assistant Mike O'Connoll 1994
Assistant Pat Kane 1996
Assistant Bob Fuqua 1999-2000
Assistant Richard Dupont 2004-06
Assistant Damir Pesa 2005
Assistant Abel Durojaiye 2006-07
Assistant Brian Graves 2007
Assistant Jaime Prickett 2008
Assistant Rich Speer 2009-10
Assistant Alex Laboeuf 2011 & 14
Assistant Jay Devlin 2011-12
Assistant Martin Iwasinski 2012
Assistant Jeremy Durepo 2012-13 & 15-present
Assistant Tyler Church 2013
Assistant Greg Gagnon 2013
Assistant Gabriel Ramos 2014-present
Assistant Patrick Lawless 2014
Tennis Head Coach John Sokol 1971-74
Head Coach Rick Golas 1975-77
Head Coach Lester McDonald Jr. 1978-2003
Head Coach Steve Rozwenc 2003-06
Head Coach Linda Barton 2006-07
Assistant Eric Cestero 1998-2001
Softball Head Coach Marge Eipper 1969-72
Head Coach Mary Hill 1972-74
Head Coach JoAnne Devine 1973-86
Head Coach Rick Golas 1984-85
Head Coach Nancy Spencer (Bouchard) 1990-99
Head Coach Ed Meyer 2000-01
Head Coach Kelly Walsh 2001-02
Head Coach Nancy LeBlanc 2002-04
Head Coach Ralph Rinaldi 2004-05
Head Coach Tom Stewart 2006
Head Coach Karol Kapinos 2007-10
Assistant Martha Deusser 2002-04
Assistant Jennifer Hartman 1992-93
Assistant Shauna Nacewicz 2000-01
Assistant Kelli Neilson 2001-02
Assistant Lynn Kapinos 2007-10
Women's Basketball Head Coach Marge Eipper 1969-72
Head Coach Mary Hill 1972-74
Head Coach JoAnne Devine 1973-87
Head Coach Donna Rouillard 1985-89
Head Coach Al Wolejko 2001-10
Head Coach Tomie Lafond 2011-12
Head Coach Nicky DiMarzio 2013-14
Head Coach Alex Kosicki 2014-present
Assistant Kristen Schmaelzle 2001-06
Assistant Sabina Lynskey 2009-10
Assistant Ross Burnhart 2009-10
Assistant Jessica Jurkowski 2011-12
Assistant Emilie Methot 2013-2014
Assistant Alex Kosicki 2013-2014
Assistant Tim Losee 2014-2015
Assistant Sarah Proper 2015-present
Volleyball Head Coach Ray Ricard 2001-02
Head Coach Andy Calisewski 2007-15
Assistant Amy Youmell 2001-02
Assistant John O'Donnell 2001-02
Assistant Kelly Brassor 2006-07
Assistant Eddie Jodoin 2008
Women's Soccer Head Coach Mark Fournier 1984-85
Head Coach Steve Duffany 1985-86
Head Coach Nancy Spencer (Bouchard) 1988-97
Head Coach Ed Meyer 1998-2002
Head Coach Lynn Pantuosco 2003
Head Coach Rob Galazka 2004-present
Associate Head Coach Mike Carney 1998-2000
Assistant Tracy Resigno 1988-89
Assistant  Rob Galazka 1998-2002
Assistant Bob Fuqua 1999-2002
Assistant Kristen Schmaelzle 2003
Assistant Matt Izzo 2004
Assistant Damir Pesa 2005-06
Assistant Rachel Colby 2007
Assistant Abel Durojaiye 2008
Assistant Sarah Jaskula 2009
Assistant Hannah Miller 2010
Assistant Neal Carson 2011-13
Assistant Alicia Carter 2012-13
Assistant Sara McMurray 2014-present
Track and Field Men's Head Coach Nick Davis 2016-present
Women's Head Coach Luke Archambault 2016-present

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