Student Government

The Student Senate represents the voice of the students to the administration of the college. We provide and promote a partnership in governance among all segments of the college community. Throughout the year, the Senate plans and participates in activities and events that contribute to the college and the surrounding community.

Interested in joining Student Senate?

Student Senate Application

Student Senate Handbook

Senator Requirements:
  1. Currently enrolled at the college with at least 1 credit
  2. Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5*
  3. Recommendation from a staff or faculty member*
  4. Completed application form
  5. 50 student signatures

*First semester students are exempt from these requirements.

Contact us

Advisor: Liz Golen
Location: DON 103
Phone: 413.552.2418

President: Natalie Richards
Location: DON 103
Phone: 413.552.2522


2017 Humanitarian Effort
2017 Rising Star
2017 Heart & Soul
2017 Teamwork
2017 Commitment
2017 Charisma
2017 Starfish

2016 Event of the Year
2016 Rising Star
2016 Heart & Soul
2016 Leadership
2016 Commitment
2016 Volunteer Project
2016 Starfish

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