Students collect information during a tour of community gardens in Holyoke managed by Nuestras Raices.

Integrative Learning

The Integrative Learning Programs (ILP) at Holyoke Community College promote integrative teaching and learning across the general education curriculum. Integrative Learning allows faculty and students to build connections not only within the classroom but outside the classroom as well, to local communities, local businesses and nonprofits, and to colleges and universities statewide. Because we all face a rapidly changing and ever  more interconnected world, developing capacities for integrative learning is central to personal success, social responsibility and civic engagement in today's global society. Integrative learning is not just a benefit, but a necessity.

Integrative courses at HCC are designed by creative faculty who model and build integrative skills, with curricula that define pathways to encourage integrative learning within and across fields. The ILP administers and coordinates three academic programs which offer courses organized around a variety of contemporary themes:

Honors Program


The Honors Program is designed for HCC students who seek to excel academically and may be considering transfer to a selective college or university.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are team-taught, interdisciplinary courses that take a common theme and view it through the lens of multiple disciplines, such as English and Psychology or English and Theater. LCs help under-prepared students to prepare, prepared students to advance, and advanced students to excel.

Service Learning

Service Learning

Service Learning is an educational initiative in which students complete a project in the community that directly relates to the objectives of a course and meets the needs of the community-based organization.


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