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Learning Communities

Learning Communities (LCs) are team-taught, interdisciplinary courses that take a common theme and view it through the lens of multiple disciplines. For example, the LC, "Exploring Inequality: The Causes and Consequences of Hunger and Homelessness," was co-taught by instructors from the English and economics departments, providing students with the opportunity to consider the problem through at least two different perspectives. Students collaborate on research and group projects, developing peer support networks that foster teamwork and encourage friendships through the exploration of shared interests.

There is strong quantitative and qualitative evidence that LCs help underprepared students to prepare, prepared students to advance, and advanced students to excel, while providing a transformational professional development opportunity for LC faculty. The LC program also functions as a platform for innovation regarding new interdisciplinary curriculum, e.g., Sustainability Studies and Women's Studies Programs, and new pedagogies, such as transdisciplinary and documentation practices. At HCC, learning communities have played a critical role in supporting the college mission along with leading the campus in innovation, collaboration, and inclusion.

Holyoke Community College Learning Community Student Learning Outcomes

  • LC students will develop academic skills that will enhance core competencies, including critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, effective communication, and knowledge of diversity.
  • LC students will integrate their learning - across courses and disciplines, over time, and/or between the classroom, campus, and community.
  • LC students will construct knowledge using the knowledge, methods, tools, and conventions from two or more disciplines, perspectives, information sources, media, and technologies.
  • LC students will understand and appreciate human diversity, with a focus on the analysis of issues including but not limited to race, gender constructions, ethnicity, sexual orientations, age, social class, disabilities, and religious sectarianism.
  • LC students will learn actively and collaboratively in and out of class.

Course Offerings

Learning Communities Course Offerings


Faculty Scholars Program

Holyoke Community College (HCC) is now offering a unique professional development program for international faculty scholars interested in the pedagogy and practice of Learning Communities (LC).


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