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Clubs created by students who share an anything at all!

The purpose of this organization is to increase awareness among HCC students about issues of mental health, symptoms of mental illness, and available resources in and around the HCC community and to become a point of reference for HCC students for information on depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder. We work to be a liaison between HCC students and the mental health community through flyering the campus with fact sheets, hosting and/or sponsoring charity fundraisers, guest speakers, and related events, and maintaining a comprehensive website.

Advisor: Mary Jane O'Connor
Location: DON 239
Phone: 413.552.2422

Meeting time to be determined. For more information about club meeting times and locations, please visit Student Activities (DON 103).

Beekeeping Club is for anyone interested in apiculture (the study of bees and their behavior). We care for the bee hives on campus, extract and make honey, and participate in beekeeping events.

Advisor: Carin Zinter
Office: Donahue 103, Student Activities

Beekeeping Club meets in DON 103 during Activity Period.

The main goal of the CommITTED Club is to provide community service to the college campus and its surrounding communities where students are able to employ theirs skills while learning from their volunteer work. This collaboration of teaching and learning benefits both the participants and the students. Thus far, their biggest contribution has been the decoration of the first traffic box in Holyoke.

Advisor: Myriam Quinones
Location: FR 262
Phone: 413.552.2539

CommITTED is very active and does not meet every week. Email the advisor for an up-to-date schedule or check them out on Moodle.


2017 Outstanding Advisor (Myriam Quinones)
2017 Rising Star (Muhammed Azmi Bin Zainal Abidin)
2017 Commitment (Karianne Santiago)
2017 Charisma (Jonathon Mendez, Karianne Santiago)
2017 Best Volunteer Project of the Year (Traffic box painting in Holyoke)

2016 Club Advisor (Myriam Quinones)
2016 Event of the Year (Taco Sale)
2016 Rising Star (Lindsay Pare, Karianne Santiago)
2016 Teamwork (Jonathan Mendez & Karianne Santiago)
2016 Club of the Year
2016 Leadership (Karianne Santiago)
2016 Commitment (Lindsay Pare)
2016 Charisma (Aalyiah Zakaria, Ajwad Husnizaim)

We offer HCC students the chance to express themselves via the written word. Participate in a writing workshop with peers, improve your individual writing skills, and meet new friends interested in writing poems, short stories, and other compositions. Throughout the year we hold a variety of related events such as Sudden Fiction, a writing contest that invites students to use images, music, and written prompts to ignite their creative freestyle. The result of your work may be included in the HCC annual literary magazine, Pulp City.

Advisor: Dave Champoux
Location: DON 363
Phone: 413.552.2364

The Writing Group meets every Wednesday during Activity Period (from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.) in DON 360.

The Dance Club seeks to unite dancers from all different dance backgrounds to unite and perform together. To teach others something new, see dance in a different light, and stand out and do what you love and love what you do. The sky is the limit!

Advisor: Steve Bailey
Location: FPA 203
Phone: 413.552.2483

Meetings are undetermined for this semester. For more information about the meeting times and locations, please visit Student Activities (DON 103).

Whether you already love the dramatic arts or are simply curious about what goes into creating a play, the HCC Players invite you to experience the magic. Interested in set design, acting, writing plays, or any aspect of play production? The HCC Players build knowledge, skill, and appreciation of the theater arts while providing live theater for the community. Each semester we mount a full production in HCC's Leslie Phillips Theater.

Advisor: Tim Cochran
Location: FPA 220
Phone: 413.552.2486

The Drama Club (HCC Players) meets every Wednesday during Activity Period (from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.) in FPA 111-113.

E-Sports seeks to promote community with the HCC student body through the organization of forums, tournaments, events, gatherings, and other functions centered around electronic sports. We seek to gather interested students for events and other social experiences involving E-Sports.

Advisor: Karin Moyano Camihort
Location: Marieb 223
Phone: 413.552.2236

Advisor: Joseph Lavoie
Location: KC 507
Phone: 413.552.2613


2018 Best New Club

The HCC Expressions Music Club allows you to express yourself through music. You don't have to be musically inclined to join, just as long as you have a passion for music. We support the radio station's "Performance Hours," where students can sign up to perform. We also hold open jam sessions, open mics, and support local musicians.

Advisor: We are seeking an advisor for this club. If you are interested, email us!

HCC Expressions Music Club meets in FPA 136 during Activity Period.

Our purpose is to extend the joys of Anime to all members of the HCC student body and to provide an opportunity for the members to share their enthusiasm and joy about the world of Anime.

Advisor: Idelia Smith
Location: FR 317
Phone: 413.552.2228

The Japanese Anime Club meets every Wednesday during Activity Period (from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.) in FR 139.


2017 Humanitarian Effort (Obtaining a grant for a member who could not afford to attend Anime Boston)
2017 Excellence in Leadership (Harrison Farris)

2016 Heart & Soul (Harrison Farris)

Our purpose is to share our knowledge and interest in photography. We meet weekly to discuss different topics and issues in regards to techniques and trends in photography. We plan and participate in local events about photography. Members don't need to be professional photographers to be part of the club; you only need to be interested in photography.

Advisor: Frank Ward
Location: DON 128
Phone: 413.552.2487

Meetings are undecided for the semester. Please email the advisor or stop by DON 103 for more information about this club.

The Mission of the Visual Arts Club is to increase appreciation of visual arts, and the social interaction of art students and others interested in art. We enrich the educational experience all of students interested in art, share the beauty of art, and recognize the artists within the HCC community.

We visit museums, art galleries, host guest speakers and demonstrations, and collaborate with other community organizations and colleges for events and opportunities.

Advisor: Alix Hegeler
Location: FPA 326
Phone: 413.552.2909

Meetings are determined by the members' schedules. Visit us in Donahue 103 for more information.


2018 Volunteer Project (Empty Bowls)

HCC's radio station, WCCH 103.5 FM, provides a variety of music to the public. Student and staff DJs are on the air throughout the year, serving news, sports, music, and a community calendar. The station is student-run and streams live on the web 24/7. The radio station is located in DON 101, near the Student Lounge.

Listen to us live online! DJs choose whether to broadcast their shows online.

Advisor: Stephanie Converse
Location: DON 101
Meeting time: Every other Wednesday during Activity Period in the radio station, DON 101.

Why Be a DJ?

The Radio Club is a terrific way to learn about broadcast media and improve communication skills. DJs are enrolled in any area of study – not just pursuing careers in media, music, or communications. DJs go on to work at local stations, in voiceover, and in the music/production industry. Each chooses their own music and show time; the schedule changes each semester. Opportunities for leadership are plentiful and the station is student-run. Some staff and faculty have shows as well.

Interested in becoming a DJ or announcer? Email us at for an application!

2018 Phoenix Award

2017 Outstanding Advisor (Stephanie Converse)
2017 Rising Star (Chris Miller)
2017 Heart & Soul (Jess Krolicki)
2017 Charisma (Chloe Soto)

2016 Heart & Soul (Jessica Carpenter)
2016 Charisma (Lisa Ladas, Lisa Saneta)

Consistent with the goals of the Wildlife Society, we work to provide opportunities for improved communication among local members and those in other chapters, augment the educational opportunities in natural resources, prepare members for careers in this area, encourage professionalism and high standards of scholarship, and foster campus awareness of wildlife issues.

To this end, we've brought programs to HCC such as the wildly successful Birds of Prey, Zoo on the Go, and Animal Craze.

For information, stop by the Student Activities office in DON 103.

Advisor: Joe Bruseo
Office: MRB 335
Phone: 413.552.2516

Meetings are usually during Activity Period, but can vary based on student schedules.

The mission of the Yoga Club is to unify our bodies, minds, and spirits to create a positive impact on campus and in our community. This club offers a space for all HCC community members to find a balance in life and to help manage stress.

We hold many sessions of mindfulness training, meditation, and yoga during the academic year. Everyone is welcome to attend once, as desired, or every week. No previous experience is needed.

Advisor: Mary Jane O'Connor
Location: DON 239
Phone: 413.552.2422

Our meetings are actually free yoga sessions led by our advisor and yoga instructor. They are open to all, whether you are trying yoga for the first time or advanced in your practice. See the Week at a Glance email for information on the times and locations.


2016 Humanitarian Effort (Mandala coloring book sale benefiting the HCC Food Pantry)

Jennifer Ortiz

Program Assistant Student Clubs

Student Services

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